Hon. President O. B. Greeves MBE Hon. Vice President P. Smith Founded 1988

Greeves Silverstone RCS129

250cc 2-stroke racing machine, frame no. 24RCS129

The current owner writes: “I’ve recently rejoined the GRA. Regarding your Silverstones register, I own 24RCS129 (engine no. GPA2 150). According to Chris Goodfellow, it was sold new to Joe Di Fazio Motorcycles (Frome) and ridden by Richard Di Fazio, sold to Robbie Allen (current classic racer) a brother of Vic Allen. Vic, who was supported by the factory at the time, got his spares at a vast discount. When Derry Preston-Cobb discovered that Vic was buying quantities of “Silverstone” (rather than “Challenger”) parts, like Queen Victoria, he was not amused! George Buchan also rode this machine!

“I’ve had it since July 1977 and raced it regularly until the end of the 1991 season (runner-up in the Irish Classic Racing Association 250cc Championship 1984). Three outings in 2000 season. Bike in raceworthy condition as I write. It owes me nothing and is one of the family.”

The machine is owned by Jack Hoey and is located in Monaghan, Republic of Ireland.

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