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Brilliant Popham

Held on the 11th August and despite the dire warnings, not a spot of rain fell and the strong wind even abated as the day went on! As usual, this event proved very popular with GRA members and no less than 31 bikes appeared in the marquee! We were somewhat squeezed into our 2 club stand spaces but somehow we managed to get all the bikes in! The club next to us had 2 bikes to ‘fill’ their stand and when I pointed this out to the delighted (with us!) organiser, she promised us even more room in the future. Even if we don’t get any more bikes to display, it would at least enable us to have a more organised and spacious display. When I looked at the Royal Enfield stand, I think their bikes were in single figures so Greeves at Popham is really something!

The Stand (or part of it!)

The autojumble was also huge this year, the good weather probably helping to attract stallholders. It was possible to obtain, new tools, old tools, paints and polishes and everything in between. There were plenty of bike bits with Leading Link advertiser, Paul Powell leding the Villiers part sales. Luckily, I seem to be quit well off for Villiers parts at the moment which is just as well as I didn’t see much else in the ‘jumble apart from a Hawkstone which I have seen at other junbles recently.

There were also plenty of bikes on display and one that caught my eye was a speedway bike with a home-brewed rotary engine – and it ran!

All in all, it was a fantastic day with an example of many types of Greeves including an Ex-Malcolm Davis works trials bike, some excellent Grumphs and many scramblers including my Cheney. Mike Tizard again loaned his Grumph outfit to the Motorcycling Club’s stand which was just as well because of our space problems. I even managed to carry out a DVLA bike inspection on one of the bikes that was on display, 2 jobs in one!

The Works Trialster to the Left of the Cheney

So, there you are, a very popular event with GRA members so make a note of the time of year it is held and bring your bike next year. 40 bikes on display would be good!

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