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Griffon 380 Enduro 61NB 209

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  • Griffon 380 Enduro 61NB 209

    The Griffon Enduro I bought has arrived. Far as I am aware it is a 380 which has had a transplant and now has a 250 engine.

    On Flickr on the 9th slide the 380 Enduro is shown as 61NB 205, four before my one 61NB209

    The engine should be GPE4/*** which I might have one, all be it damaged - GPE4/135 which again has numbers very close to the Flickr bike GPE4/106

    The bike is in good condition, the rims have good chrome and there is no rust on the fork stanchions.

    After a quick clean (you know I don't clean my bikes much) and some fresh fuel (drained nearly 5 litres out of the tank) a few kicks and it roared or cackled into life. Not to waste the opportunity I took it down the lane and gears work okay clutch drags a bit but not that bad.

    Now before you say you can weld a better tank than the ugly one on it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It actually grows on you, probably like warts - that said Kenny informed me that it is an aftermarket Jeckel tank, presumably to overcome the federal regulation on fibreglass tanks. Of course one bonus is that the tank will not be eaten by the dreaded ethanol. I have a set of original side panel and tank that came with it.

    Short video of the bike running

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    The one on Flickr is 61NB 204 Tony
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        The inside of the side panel is red, and where the new paint has peeled away is the tell tale sign of the red glitter which was the standard colour for the 380 Enduro.
        Bit like fake or fortune without the fortune

        I believe Kenny has one also very close in numbers as well 61NB 206 so I would have thought my bike came through Nick Nicholson Motors. Hopefully Kenny will find the record.


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          As you say Tony, that tank is part of it's provenance, and shouldn't cause any ethanol-related problems. An interesting talking point too. Great project!


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            If that's Jeckel I'd prefer not to see Mr Hyde. (Just joking, looks like a great acquisition).


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              The other tank and panels that came with it were Moorland blue glitter - such a vibrant colour, just would not work on the road bikes particularly on a grey cloudy English day - but in the sunny Californian desert

              The Jeckel tank will stay and I will try and get the the panels back to the original red glitter and then match the tank to that colour. This is the red glitter that it should have


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                Kenny has posted a picture of the advert for the Jeckel tank, looks like my one is not a Jeckel but a home made one.


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                  Thanks to Gary G for parting with the Enduro muffler that I picked up at the Bath & West show today. Thanks also to Gary B for picking up some 380 Twinport pipes from Telford and also the expansion box. That is hopefully all the parts I need so I am just waiting for the engine and parts to arrive next month.


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                    Interestingly the inside looks like 2 tool box lids have been used in it's construction, if you put a lid on top the metal would roll up in to a tube at the correct diameter. It is wider than a tool box as the inside of the lids fit over the tube whereas the silencer fit on the outside of a lid. I have asked Rob if there is a drawing for this as it would be a useful addition to many 'noisey' road registered off road bikes. If there is some interest I will get a batch made. The part number is GO1697.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      I have taken the 250 engine out and cleaned the frame. Dave is going to service the forks and a few other bits that need attention before the 380 engine arrives.


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                        I picked up the bash plate at the AGM that John Collard bought along for me from Graeme. This is the one shown on a number of Enduros, though I believe it is not standard. It is stamped WATERS so if anyone knows about them some information would be good.

                        Click image for larger version

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                        Click image for larger version

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                          According to John Cola on Nicholson site they were built by the late Homer Waters.

                          He comments - " I don't know if he had an arrangement with Nick; I'll try to find out. He was my brother-in-laws brother."

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                            The GPE4/*** engine has been stripped and Dave has re welded the bodged weld on the bottom lug.
                            The crank has been rebuilt and now the GBA gearbox box needs some attention. Again poor welding and probably a new shell is required.

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                              Hi Tony,

                              Interesting pics, thanks for posting, and always a pleasure to see another example of Dave's superb craftsmanship. That is beautiful work, and ali welding to that standard isn't easy....lovely finish too, Dave's vapour blaster I presume, skilfully applied as ever. Great to see you're making some headway on this great bike mate...can't wait to see how the tank turns out.....both of them!

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