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    First pic looks like Greeves Griffon frame and AMC 250cc 25T engine, do you still have that one?


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      Hi Max,

      Very impressive work Max, some stunning builds there. That Griffon looks great, and I'm certain I've seen it before somewhere....Discs front and rear (!), what hubs did you use? Ditto the Bantam, super trick and very nicely screwed together, as are they all. I really like your 'kettle' though, what a stunner! This is me at a Yamaha 'Dealer Experience' track day on the Stowe circuit at Silverstone some years ago...note helmet! I still pinch myself that I was actually being paid to do it as it was on company time...lucky boy eh! The bike is one of the California Superbike School R6's as they were sponsored by Yamaha.

      Barry Sheene was an inspiration to me when I was a twelve year old lad recovering from a serious accident in 1972 when I was hit by a car doing 70 in a 30 on a blind bend while riding a pushbike with some mates. I suffered a near traumatic amputation of my left leg, fractured skull and jaw and ended up not walking for over three years. Pretty ground breaking surgery for those days sewing it back on (five very painful operations), thanks to a pioneering consultant (Mr Dickie) who I will never forget. Bazzers crash at Daytona when his tire expanded on the banking and locked up the back is forever etched in my memory, and his courage and determination gave me a lot of strength to get through my injuries. My mum bought me my first leather jacket from an old mate (Paul) who owned a shop in Leicester called 'Motorcycle Accessories' (aka 'MCA'.) As I was still in a wheelchair he came out in the van to us with a selection for me to try on. I became a customer for life after that. How brave was my mum though, but she was determined that I had something to hang onto and aim for. Her only stipulation was that I got and wore some decent boots when I got my first ped, a Suzuki AP50.

      Your stunning GT750 is a superb tribute to someone that meant a lot to me as a young lad, and he will always be one of my heroes. Thanks for posting Max, great to see all your bikes, especially that one.

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        Hi Max and Tim,

        As promised, here's a few links for you to check out. These are the threads I usually flag up for members new to Greeves and I hope they will help with your builds. The majority are in the 'Members Only' area for obvious reasons which you both happily now have full access too. Hey Tim, have you considered starting a thread in the 'Projects' area of the forum to relate your build as well? Be great to see your bike come together and hope it all goes well.

        Greeves Hub Drawings
        As you're both sorting wheels this one is no brainer if you haven't seen it yet. Tim; check the pics attached in post 2 of this thread and you'll see what Ian C was referring to regarding your wheel nuts being the wrong way round in the pic you posted recently. These show the setup for 'Tin' hubs (British Hub Company) and all the 'inboard' spacers. For the 'outboard' (of the hub) spacers you need to refer to the relevant Factory Parts Book for your bike/model. I'll include a link for some I've uploaded on here further down this post.

        Greeves Wheel Spindle Drawings
        Makes sense to add this one here too.

        Greeves Frame Spacer Info
        This is where it all starts when putting a Greeves frame together and knowing the 'standard' setup will help identify what you have and what you may need to source/fabricate.

        Greeves Metalastic Fork Bushes-Removal and Replacement
        No introduction needed....!

        Greeves 'Factory Spare Parts Lists'
        This will help explain how the Greeves parts number system works as well as give you a few useful examples.

        Greeves Factory 'Instruction and Service Handbooks.'
        The Greeves versions of owners handbooks for various models.

        Scottish 1960 Originality.
        Tim has seen this thread already Max but thought I'd include it here for a bit of additional reference for you.

        Greeves Articles On The Forum
        This is a listing of threads with articles about Greeves in general on the forum.

        That lot should keep you going for a bit lads! As ever, if you can't find what you need on here just ask.



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          thank so very very much I’ll dig through. I’ve started a thread in trials bikes maybe should have done it in projects? Apologies if it’s in the wrong place


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            My pleasure Tim, truly, and hope it helps offset some of the crap you've had to wade through getting started with your Greeves......I'm truly appalled (but not surprised....) How do these 'see you next Tuesdays' stay in business...?? At least you know who's who a bit more now and have found the right people to deal with.

            Yes, I guess your thread might have been a better fit in 'Projects', but honestly, who cares mate...!! Not me, I'm just delighted that you're posting something and your contributions are most welcome and appreciated. I'm especially pleased that you have stuck with it and your bike is looking deserve to win a bit after all the hassles for sure.

            Keep up the good work Tim, and great to have you here.



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              Yes john. Griffon i did with amc engine, wheels of a 80,s kawasaki. Wished id kept that & got proper engine etc, my fave greeves.
              i did bantam as a replica of one i passed my test on back in 66. . I have a soft spot for bantams & greeves. & really want to get a move on with my current build Im eager to see what you think of finished item.


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                Originally posted by Max black View Post
                Yes john. Griffon i did with amc engine, wheels of a 80,s kawasaki. Wished id kept that & got proper engine etc, my fave greeves.
                i did bantam as a replica of one i passed my test on back in 66. . I have a soft spot for bantams & greeves. & really want to get a move on with my current build Im eager to see what you think of finished item.
                Do you recall the frame number and reg No if road registered so I can add it to survivors register


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                  I dont im afraid


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                    This is me & my life long mate @16yrs old & @ matlock @ 66yrs old & still biking togther now. He,s just bought a 1957 sun villiers 2t.
                    i,m the good looking one on the right.
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                      Yes indeed Max...what a stunning pair....of DUCATI's....!!! Ha!

                      Bet you've got some good stories between you and great to see that you're still writing new chapters together.....nice one.

                      Great memories of Matlock Bath....some lovely roads that way and we used to ride out often back in my old Leicester days. Used to get a really good turn out even back then, bikes of all stripes as far as the eye can see along 'the prom'.