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Moorland Blue Paint Code.

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  • Moorland Blue Paint Code.

    Hello, can anyone tell me the paint code for moorland blue paint so that I can source some locally? Regards, Tom.

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    There is no definitive colour for Moorland Blue. The supplies of blue paint to the Greeves factory varied slightly and were “adjusted” at the works by the addition of black paint. Greeves motorcycles were produced in batches, and the paint was mixed up for each batch. This means that the colour varies very slightly from batch to batch.

    What restorers usually do is take a sample of virgin paintwork (if they can find any) to a paint supplier and get them to match it. One respected restorer has had the colour reproduced in powder coat though, and it should be recognisable within the powder coating trade as “Greeves Blue”.

    Another well-known collector has obtained the following formulation from his paint supplier. It may be possible for another paint firm to follow it:

    Lechler Formula

    Description: Colour: 25354 Isoakryl 2K Car Colour STD (414) SEABLAU

    Ingredients: 430.6 grammes 91 084 base NERO FREDDO
    262.5 grammes 91 259 base VIOL.SOLI.CR
    233.8 grammes 91.068 base BLEU FTALO 2
    116.9 grammes 91 000 base B.CO.INTENSO

    However I’ll leave the last word to a couple of our West Sussex members:

    “Blue is the colour
    Moorland is the name
    Blue and black together
    And no two pots the same…”
    Colin Sparrow


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      Regarding the powder coating 'recipe' given by Colin above, Tim Griffin and Dave Bradley have used this colour on their recent superb restorations and as Tim says "it's the nearest you'll get!" Looks alright to me, especially in the sunshine! Most reputable powder coating companies should be able to produce the right 'mix' with that information, and Tim recommended Suffolk Stove Enamellers (to me) who have been able to produce this colour and do a good job. They are on 01473 735585.

      I've heard of a few other alternatives that are a good match for Moorland Blue (whatever that actually is!) from other members, so I thought I'd share them here;

      BVLC 265 (as used by Dave McGregor, who's bikes are always 'spot-on' in my opinion.)

      Jaguar Squadron Blue JLM 9048C

      Toyota 833 Hawaiian Blue ICI Ref. CJ37 (NOTE: I believe this colour may come out a bit on the 'bright' side, so may need a bit of darkening down! Now where have I heard that before......?!)

      Rylands Paints ( apparently list 'Greeves Blue' and use the RAL colour code system, although I don't know the RAL number! (Does anyone else know the RAL code or have any experience with this system?) They have examples of the colours they do on their website in chart form, but it's hard to tell from looking at it on a computer screen! Having said that RAL5001 seems to be the favourite of many members.

      RS Motorbike Paint ( have a comprehensive listing of Greeves bikes on their excellent website with suitable paints/colours for most models, and have a good reputation for accuracy. You use a simple 'drop-down' menu to select the make and model of machine, then find a match from their stock. They can supply small touch-up bottles, aerosols and paint for professional application (or if you have your own gun/compressor), along with a range of other useful products-well worth a look. They can also be contacted by phone on 01707 273219.

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        Hello chaps, just to say thanks for the above information. My local paint supplier confirms that he will be able to supply what I need. Regards Tom Reed


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          Squadron Blue

          I took a 25DB tank, where the original colour behind the badges was good, to my local paint supplier & he rated Squadron Blue as good a match as any.
          I have since used this colour on a 25DD & it looks good to me


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            Moorland Blue

            Blue is the colour, Moorland is the name

            Blue and Black together, no two shades the same!

            (Best sung to the tune of that old football song, whatever it was!)


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              GRA Music Dept!

              For all the twangers on here (and I know there's one or two...!), here's a handy 'print off and keep' chord chart to go with the words!!!

              Guitars (and banjos) at the ready....after four....all together now.....!
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                I thought I'd add this information to the Moorland Blue thread, so later searchers can find it:

                If you want to powder coat your frame in Moorland Blue, Chris Ginn of Suffolk Stove Enamellers got together with restorer John Fryatt a while back and matched the inside of a brake drum. The powder coat colour they came up with has been named "Greeves Blue" and it is spot on.

                He's at Grundisburgh Road, Hasketon, near Woodbridge in Suffolk. 01473 735585

                Bear in mind that powder coat requires heat treatment so the rubber bushes have to be removed prior to coating.
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                Colin Sparrow


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                  Moorland Blue

                  Hi All
                  What is recomended for painting working bikes, ie spray can,or hand paint, is there a recomended car colour?



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                    The Hammerite Blue is good, but perhaps a little light for a true match. You could darken it down with Black or ignore it and enjoy riding your bike!


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                      Some time ago, I saw a recommendation that Halfords stock a blue with a RAL code of 500 that is a good match. Unfortunately, their website does not seem to have the RAL number in the product description. Just wondered if anybody has managed to find / buy any?


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                        I have just had paint mixed by Romart Paints to match original paint on inside of brake plates and drums, and inside the top yoke on the forks. This was a one off and there is no formula for it.
                        This came out incredibly close to RAL 5001, which is available for powder coat.


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                          RAL 5001 is the one that I have read in various posts and can be seen on a website somewhere, can anyone quote it?


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                              Ral Colour Chart.

                     (see post #3.)

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