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Privacy Policy

This notice applies to all forum users and describes how we collect and process personal data. Please take the time to read it carefully.

Identity and contact details

We store your username (which, if you choose for it to be so), may also be your real name and also your email address.

In addition you may volunteer additional information for your user profile or signature, or indeed as part of any forum topics you start or posts you make. This information could include location information (for example your home town) or a profile photo. You should assume that this information is visible to all other forum visitors unless an option allows it to be hidden.

Other information

For the purposes of security and fraud/misuse prevention we record the IP address from which you most recently connected to the forum server.

How we use your data

Your username and email address are stored for the purposes of providing the forum service, since without both of these pieces of information we would be unable to provide you with an account. This is the minimum amount of data we can use and we don’t compel users to provide anymore than this.

We will contact you only if absolutely necessary. Examples of such reasons include:

· Password reset emails, if you’ve requested a password reset via the forum or by emailing an administrator
· To inform you that one or more of your posts have been removed or edited
· Where we consider your forum conduct to be unacceptable

Usually we will try to private message via the forum as a preference to emailing.

Marketing and third parties

At no time will we pass on your personal data or contact details to any third party for any purpose. To reiterate, the only reason we require any personal data or contact details is for providing the forum service.

We will not send you marketing emails or any other communication that is not essential to providing the forum service. For example we do not contact non-GRA members asking or insisting they subscribe to the club.

Web browser cookies

The forum may use “cookies” in order to enhance the forum user’s experience. Cookies are placed on your computer for the purpose of keeping track of information about you (for example when you last visited, and for auto-login if you choose to check the option for it). Any forum user may configure their web browser to disallow cookies, but if this is done some parts of the website may not work correctly.

Data retention

If you wish to have your account closed and personal data permanently deleted then we will seek to do this within 28 days (but usually it will be carried out much quicker).

For banned users our data retention period is much longer on the basis that we need to retain this data in order to prevent forum misuse. In such cases accounts will be removed after 12 months of inactivity.

Your rights

As a forum user you are within your rights to request that we:

· Access and edit your personal data
· Delete your personal data, your user account and any information concerning you
· Export a copy of your personal data in a clearly structured format

In each case it is necessary for us to confirm your identity before providing any access or amendments to your data.

What if I don’t accept this policy?

Please contact us immediately at and we will be able to close your account and permanently delete records concerning you. As we already do our best to minimise the amount of information we store and process for each user, and withhold from giving it to third parties, we would be unable to permit forum membership without acceptance of the policy as it stands.

Viewing and changing privacy settings

Registered users can view and edit their privacy settings by visiting the privacy section of their user settings (reachable here if logged-in).

Any questions?

We welcome your feedback. Please send any comments or questions to