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Grumph tyre sizes?

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  • Grumph tyre sizes?

    Can anyone recommend the best tyre sizes for my Grumph road bike project 19” front and 18” rear?

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    If it has LL forks the largest size on the front to clear fork loop is 300 x 19. Standard rear for a Greeves is 325 x 18 but you may be able to squeeze a 350 x 18 in which is a common size for a standard 350 or 500 Triumph twin, the limitation would be the clearance between chain guard. At the end of the day it will depend on the set up of your bike. How about a pic and frame number so we know what type of roadster it is!


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      Thanks John I am still in the gathering parts and info stage.The frame is from a 25 DC number 25 DC268 !962-64 from what I can make out. Engine is a 3ta.


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        Thanks, not got 25DC268 on survivors list so cant give you any passed history on it. Just found your previous thread on your bike from back in 2013
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