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Griffon 380cc engine rebuild - are there any manuals?

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  • Griffon 380cc engine rebuild - are there any manuals?

    As per my other posts I am rebuilding the engine and gearbox of my Griffon 380cc model 58.

    There seems to be very few manuals available. As you can see from the attached photo I have:

    - Illustrated parts list for a model 61N, but not a Model 58
    - Article from Motorcycle Mechanics dated October 1969 titled Griffon 250cc rebuild by John Millward
    - Article from Motorcycle Mechanics undated titled Engine Analysis "MM dissects the successful 250 and 380 scramblers"
    - Motorcycle and Traders Aids "wall poster" Service sheet 19-3 dated 28th July 1970
    - Colin's book
    - Bob Carrick and Mick Walker's book

    All very useful, but is there anything else I can obtain ?

    Are there manuals on this website I have not found ?

    Thank you

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    Kenny Sykes at Nicholson Motors might have the Illustrated Parts List and a maintenance manual for the Model 58.


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      Hi One Bad Wheel

      I've just ordered what is available from the GRA via John Henry which includes a NN brochure.
      Don't know why I didn't do it years ago !
      When the NN document arrives from John, I will see what Kenny has in stock.

      Thank you


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        Hi Martin, I should do that as well.