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Challenger 36MX4 primary capacity

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  • Challenger 36MX4 primary capacity

    Would like to find out recommended primary chaincase capacity
    Cheers Dug

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	B4AiK7eQRVewnjfYJTSzSA.jpg Views:	0 Size:	568.5 KB ID:	85901 IHi dug, think its the same as the 24MX4 - see enclosed 24mx4 original service notes - but I'm not 100% sure I will find out tomorrow for you. Cheers John
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      Hi Dug, I write notes from the various forums - these are mine on challenger chaincase oil - good luck - health warning with all of this and above - use the drain plug if you can fnd it - it shoud approimate to whats on here . Chain case oil: Terry S said use Straight mineral oil SAE mineral 10/15 grade

      sb else said 100 weight ATF 100cc

      Challenger said "The bolt on the side of the chaincase is the level plug - just remove it and add oil until it pours out. ATF should be fine, I use Comma Dexron III. Some use Shell Tellus, but this is difficult to purchase in small quantities.

      Hi challenger, can`t give you the exact amount for your model, but most bikes with this design run on as little as 180ml, atf is thin & tends to get thrown every where, so to much will find its own way out & on to your garage floor. dave.

      sb else said

      I was advised not to use the Castrol ATF available in Halfords etc as this was the TQ-D type . I sourced my bottle of the TQ-F type via the local Castrol classic oils specialist as it's not so widely stocked now.
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        Whats the difference between the two? I have used power steering fluid, SAE5 engine oil etc. they all leak the same! Provided its thin and not hypoid gearbox oil most oils should suffice. Or, am I wrong? Peter.


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          Hi Dug, the spec in the service notes (see my post above) says 1/4 pint. The 24MX4 (250) and 36 MX4 have the same chaincase. Geoff Nunn (our gearbox guru who bult the engines in the factory at Greeves with Dave Harper ) said he puts in up to 1/2 pint but uses the drain as the guide. Good luck


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            Hi Peter, I am the least technical on here so I'm afraid I can't anwer (also new to all of this) - lots of experienced people on here - lets see if they can answer -


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              Thanks John
              Appreciate the info.