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Silverstone tyre pressures

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  • Silverstone tyre pressures

    Boy it's cold outside but I'm already thinking of next season - CRMC meets etc. I'm running Avon Roadrider 90/90/18 AM 26 A49 compound (front) and 90/90/18 AM 26 633 compound (rear) - what tyre pressures would you racers suggest please in dry and wet track conditions?

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    No pressure then

    A few recollections from road race mechanic days

    You need to get yourself a few bits of kit - an accurate dial type tyre pressure gauge, a digital probe type temperature gauge and a good note book. I have no idea what sort of pressures modern tyres run at but every time you run the bike methodically record track, air, and tyre temperatures. also tyre pressures before and after any practice or race. Getting some warmth in the tyres is important.

    I know any kind of track event is not cheap these days. But if you can afford it go to a practice day. The CRMC used to organize their own? Share your information and don't be afraid to ask other riders.

    Sorry I cant advise on wets. In the past wet races meant a change of wheels and suspension settings...

    Good luck in your endeavours and enjoy your racing.



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      I have been racing my RDS since 1982, so I have gone through a lot of tyres in that time. Until recently I was running race compound Avon Roadrunners, 80/90 front and 90/90 rear on the Greeves, and still run these tyres/sizes on my Yamaha TD2B. A few years ago I changed to Heidenhaus on the RDS, 2.75" front and 3.00" rear and am very happy with these in both the dry and wet, and I hate racing in the rain.
      As for pressures, the RDS Service Notes suggest 21psi front and rear for the original Dunlop 2.75" racing tyres (the old triangulars, presumably) fitted to both ends, but I used 25psi front and 27 rear on the Avons. I have read that Heidenau suggest lower pressures than this so have gone to 23/25 with those. The rule of thumb we use here is that the pressures are right if there is a 10% increase in pressure from cold to hot. So it's simple to check the pressures just before you go out and as soon as you get off the track. The track surface temperature and how abrasive the track surface is will have an effect on how warm the tyres get but I try and stay with the 10% increase in pressure.
      As for wet pressures, I usually go down 2psi on both ends but I have read that actually the pressures should be increased a couple of pounds for wet racing as the smaller contact patch cuts through the water film better, but I haven't been brave enough to try this yet!



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        How about VMCC practise day in march?


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          BHR or CRMC Practice days are ACU race licence holders only. Never run Avons on the Greeves although my new purchase has them fitted, Dunlops I run at 26front 28rear. Dogsbody


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            I used to run 90/90 Roadriders front and rear on a Silverstone, 30psi F, 28 psi R. I then changed to an AM22 front on the rear as the Roadrider lacked edge grip and was destroyed after 3 meetings. I've not got a Silverstone any more but I now run Conitinental Attack 2 CR 100/90F and 110/80 rear on my 350, in my opinion these offer more edge grip and don't patter as much.


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              Thanks guys - all very useful information