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  • Busy times

    Aside from the 1001 other things that keep me occupied I have been refreshing my TFS Triumph Greeves. It came apart in no time at all. Re-assembly has been a bit more leisurely dealing with problems and ensuring the bike is back to a competition standard.

    Latest problem is/was the rear brake. Or rather a worn out operating cam and the bush in the Motoloy back plate. The spindle section on the worn cam was clapped, likewise the bush within the plate which appears to have been cast in situ. With the possibility of finding a new cam looking unlikely I set to and made a new cam from 1” mild steel EN1A. I drilled out the bush in the back plate having found som NOS Oilite bushes. The finished item has been adjusted to account for wear, and the 5/16” unf thread changed to BSF
    The use of an A2 stainless washer hopefully will not offend the river counters.
    I hope to produce a drawing for the leading link.

    Some pictures:-
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    Nice job Phil; well done! I will be checking mine for wear now....

    Ian C.


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      Ian, with a new set of shoes the brake should almost as good as new in 1965!!.


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        There is something to aspire to then!

        Ian C.