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Villiers Information - John Wood's Websites.

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  • Villiers Information - John Wood's Websites.

    John Wood's excellent Villiers website(s) have been online for a considerable time, but I thought I would post these links for the benefit of those members who may not have have seen it before.

    Together with ex GRA Villiers technical specialst and author the late Rob Carrick, John Wood wrote 'The Villiers Singles Improvements Handbook', an invaluable reference work based on years of experience tuning, modifying and developing these engines for use in a variety of competition applications. Although the original book is now long out of print, it has now been fully updated and published online, where it can be purchased in pdf format (see links below.)

    This is John Wood's website homepage ( where there is comprehensive parts information and ordering facilities as well as illustrations and exploded diagrams of all the common Villiers engines and carbs, including gearboxes and magnetos, used for motorcycle applications. Use the menu/index on the left of the screen to access these pages.

    Ordering information on the new version of the 'Villier Improvements Handbook' (Version 3), together with information updates and new chapters that have been added etc can be found here;

    Sample chapters from the book, together with information about the newly added material and additional sections/chapters can be found here;

    As an example of further information available, here's an essay on various Alpha disc valve engines and history, with lots of interesting pics;

    I hope members who haven't seen these excellent websites before will find these links both interesting and useful, and I can highly recommend the 'Villiers Singles Improvements Handbook' too. It is a unique publication and contains information that would be of benefit to many users of contemporary Villiers single cylinder engines, especially in a Greeves.

    Many thanks to John Wood (and Rob Carrick) for providing these excellent resources.

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    John Wood's Villiers Website Update.

    John Wood gave his fantastic website a thorough overhaul a good while back, and I've meaning to update this posting accordingly ever since...but forgot!

    Anyway, seeing another member viewing a related post this morning reminded me about it and I've now updated my post accordingly, mainly involving removing dead/redundant old links and editing words etc.

    To everyone that has seen it, it's all part of the service folks....

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