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The Unrepentant Return Of The Inevitable Slighty Festive Caption Competition!

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  • The Unrepentant Return Of The Inevitable Slighty Festive Caption Competition!

    Seasons Greetings fellow Caption Comp fan, and to all of my other friend on here!

    As befits the time of year, and in view of the weather we've been having recently here in the UK, I felt a slighty festive offering was appropriate this time around! The image in question will be well known to long standing Greeves enthusiasts, and was also chosen (very wisely I might add) by our esteemed newsletter editor Colin Sparrow, for the cover of 'Leading Link' #138 (December 2007.)

    But before we get to that, my highly respected fellow humourists, perhaps, with your kind indulgence of course, I may offer a little 'historical background' to this little known 'extreme' winter sport.

    Skijoring ('skē-jȯr-iŋ) is a winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, a dog (or dogs) or a motor vehicle. It is derived from the Norwegian word skikj°ring meaning ski driving. I present for you below some examples of this activity for your edification and enjoyment.

    Pic 1. Ulrike Hafpain skillfully steers her two ski-hounds Olaf and Petal away from the nearby trees.

    Pic 2. Part time competitior Arne Saknussemm being driven by his wife Anker and their pet horse Boris, pictured shortly before their tragic divorce and well publicised court case.

    Pic 3. Here, the usual suspects Keyser S÷ze and his fearless tow-skier Gunter Dimmermann, unleash the ferocious power of their specially modified 350 Jawa commuter machine at Augustusberg, Germany, in 1963. (This one's true...well, mostly!)

    Pic 4. And so, inexorably and somewhat circuitously (as usual!), we arrive at the object of our deliberations, Andre Baldet and his hapless 'victim' Skijoring on a Greeves! get things going......

    "Oi.....Andre! Slow down a bit! I've 'ad a blowout in one of me plimsoles...!!!"

    Or; (...and this one is to pre-empt and hopefully curtail any further 'crude' offerings that may be forthcoming! Please take note, Messers Thornton, Rotherham and Higgins...!!!)

    "Oi.....Andre! When I said 'Let It Rip' that isn't what I meant...!!!"

    Have fun everyone, as always, but please do at least try to keep it clean (as the driven snow!)

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    Pic 4 - The 2 second vasectomy did not prove as painless as the BUPA advertisement suggested!

    (That's fairly clean!)


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      pic 4

      Andre baldet thunders on regardless as hapless skijorer Norbert Tumpkin takes another Iceicle in the salopetes! well i tryed, dave.


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        There's Snow Hope! (....sorry!)

        An excellent start gentlemen!!!

        Keep 'em comin' Dave! At least yours was 'cleaner' than the Chairmans!!!

        How about.....

        "This would be a lot easier if you were riding a Husky Andre!"

        ( that sacriledge Rob? If so, I was refering to the 'dog', OK...?!!)



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          pic 3.

          Keyser soze very quick off the line closely followed by gate marshall Gunter dimmerman & the starting elastic. dave.


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            Pure GENIUS Dave!!!!!!!!!!

            Ha ha!!!



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              Caption pic 4

              I wonder what this thing stops like in the snow??


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                I hope he improves before the Ski Jump......
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                  In the days before cheap air travel......

                  Originally posted by geoff lemar View Post
                  I wonder what this thing stops like in the snow??
                  'Not too quickly, I hope....' thinks Norbert (on the skis.) 'Mind you', he muses, 'it's been a long time since I've seen my Auntie......who lives in Belgium....'

                  Good one Geoff!



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                    Eddie The Eagle's Hero!!!

                    Originally posted by Dick F View Post
                    I hope he improves before the Ski Jump......
                    Brilliant Dicky!!!

                    (Hope you didn't object to my little tidy up job bud.)

                    I'm really looking forward to seeing what Adrain comes up with for this one! What a great start chaps!!! Keep 'em comin'!!!



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                      Caption pic 2

                      POOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEE Anker was that you?? I had my mouth open and everything


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                        Pic 3.

                        Once again, the German team dominated at the 1963 IDST (International Dangerous Skiing Tournament.)



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                            Excellent guys, what vivid imaginations you are blessed with!

                            Pic 1.

                            This tummy toning exercise seemed a bit extreme at first, but it really has worked wonders. The dogs have tremendous torso's now, don't you think!
                            Clean, if nothing else.


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                              Hello mate!

                              Good one Adrian!

                              Glad you're enjoying the latest 'Return Of The Inevitable...'!

                              I'm still chuckling at Dave's brilliant quip about the 'gate marshall and the starting elastic' (to go with pic 3.) in post 5! Very funny indeed! Yep, it's a good start alright!

                              It's good to be able to have a bit of a laugh isn't it!