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The Belatedly Inevitable Return Of The Inevitable Caption Competition.

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  • The Belatedly Inevitable Return Of The Inevitable Caption Competition.

    As ever, hearty greetings to all of my fellow Caption Competition fan on here.

    Yes, it has been a while, and since I ran the last one I have been literally inundated with literally countless requests, sometimes as many as 30-40 every single day, to come up with another. I'm happy to report though that things have improved since the court granted the restraining order, and the member in question's internet privileges were removed.

    The break has also allowed me to plumb the very depths of the nebulous 'Thompson Greeves Archives', and I am pleased to report that my time spent rooting around in those dark nether regions has born fruit, and once again provided rich pickings for the consideration of all my fellow Caption Competition fan on this splendid forum.

    For the interest of newcomers, and to see for yourselves the depths that some GRA members will go to in order to enjoy their hobby, may I present to you some links to our previous efforts on here, in the hope that they might provide a little inspiration for the task at hand, some light relief, perhaps even reassurance that there are others out there who, like you, appreciate that humour is one of the few things in life worth taking seriously, and that laughter and a sense of humour is a gift to be cherished and celebrated. If only we both actually had one....

    Before moving on to the latest offering, here are the forerunners in the order in which they appeared (click on the links to view threads);

    Caption Competition!

    Oh No, Not Another Caption Competition!

    Time For Another Caption Competition!

    The Inevitable Return Of The Caption Competition!

    The Unrepentant Return Of The Inevitable Slighty Festive Caption Competition!

    I have also made them 'stickies' in this area for ease of reference, and in order to protect the innocent from stumbling across them by accident.

    So then, at long last (!) we finally come to the object of our current deliberations. This wonderful picture was taken at the 1960 Scottish Six Days Trial, and appeared on the front cover of 'Leading Link' #46, June 1992. It shows works rider Jack Simpson (middle) taking over his works mount from OBG and competition manager Ernie Smith.

    To get the ball rolling, how about;

    "As Mr Greeves demonstrates his ingenious solution to the QD Bagpipe problem and how to operate the mechanism to a delighted Jack Simpson, poor Ernie Smith holds his head in his hands and wonders how he can get them to take the event more seriously..."

    Right, I've done my bit. Now it's up to you lot....!!!

    Have fun!

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    Frank Spencer in some mothers do 'ave 'em ........OOOhh Betty


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      And we're off...!!!

      Ha ha!!!

      Nice one Paul! Thanks for chippin' in mate!



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        Nice one brian, good to see the old cap comp dusted off, nice starter to, i`ll have to think on this one, but here`s my first attempt.
        Celebrations at the start of the scottish six days trial, as ernie knocks back another dram, whilst bert trys to explain to a disbelieving jack, that he has only hired the bike for five days!!!. well it is early.


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          Good one!

          Wotcha Dave,

          Glad you approve mate, and the support (sympathy?!) is very much appreciated.

          I still chuckle about that one you posted about the Jawa towing the skier, the starter and the gate elastic....priceless!!!

          Here's hoping we get some more good ones for this one, once the lads pick it up.

          All contributions gratefully recieved chaps, as always.



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            Here's another one then....

            Bert; "No Jack, really, you don't need an engine! We've had a 'quiet word' with the clerk of the course and this years' event is all downhill!"

            Ernie; (Thinks) "Oh bother....I forgot to fit the engine didn't I..."



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              'As Bert shows Jack the bagpipes he will receive if he wins the event, he wishes he could just have money like the rest of the riders. Even if they did used to belong to Bonnie Prince Charlie himself....!'



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                As Bert explains the virtues of the the leading link fork, Ernie says while making a strange gesture at his forehead what a silly idea he thought it was!!


                Ps well done Brian! This game is so much better than angry birds!!!!!


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                  Angry birds indeed.....ha ha!!!! (I like it!)

                  Hiya Scotty!

                  Nice one, glad you approve of 'the return of the inevitable' matey!

                  An excellent contribution too, the first of several I hope?!

                  How about....

                  'As Bert tries to reassure Jack that the set of 'special' works pipes he's showing him will definitely give him an advantage in the trial, Ernie realises that Bert has picked up the wrong ones....and it's a long drive back to Thundersley....!'

                  Any more takers?



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                    The Missing Link

                    ".......and this, Gentlemen, is a little something that Mr. Stonebridge knocked together for me from the box of Bickers' bent bits. I reckon it's the missing link. He calls it The Bickers Special.........or TBS for short"
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                      Ernie has just realised he is paying expenses for the whole Greeves entry.


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                        Welcome aboard Mr C!

                        Originally posted by Brian Catt View Post
                        Ernie has just realised he is paying expenses for the whole Greeves entry.

                        No wonder Bert looks happy!!!

                        Nice one Brian!

                        The other Brian.
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                          'The Missing Link'....! Ha!

                          Originally posted by johnrunnacles View Post
                          It's a little something that Stonebride knocked together from the box of Bickers' bent bits. I reckon it's the missing link. He calls it The Bickers Special.........or TBS for short!
                          Good one John! And now we know why they went straight from TAS to TCS!

                          Of course, the eagle eyed amongst us will also spot the subtle reference to Stonebride, a little known village not far from the foot of the Devils Staircase...!

                          Nice one Jonah!

                          An excellent start gentlemen, keep up the good work!


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                            Corrected, thanks, Brian (It was way past my bedtime, after all!)


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                              Originally posted by johnrunnacles View Post
                              Corrected, thanks, Brian (It was way past my bedtime, after all!)
                              No worries John, but I liked it as it was (but I like the tweaks!) At least your spelling/typing is better than mine...!

                              Continuing with your Stonebridge theme....

                              Jack; "....but.....but...a Bantam engine......?!"
                              Bert; "Ah yes, but it's not just any old Bantam engine...!"
                              Ernie; "Don't be so ungrateful day people will pay upwards of 15,000 on eBay for a "Bantam" as trick as this***!!!"


                              ***...but they'll advertise it as a 'Hawkstone, 99% 'original', special 'works' BSA engine, ride as is or 'easy' restoration'!!!
                              Last edited by Brian Thompson; 13/06/2012, 09:59 AM. Reason: Tried to make the 'TBS' title capital letters, but it wouldn't let me!