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  • Greeves pathfinder workshop manual


    My uncle has given me all (mostly all!) the parts of a greeves pathfinder in the hope I might one day put it together for him. I'm quite handy but I don't know where to start... A workshop manual might be a good bet, if one exists, can anyone help me with this in any way?

    Been putting it off for a few years now, what with all this Corona virus I seem to have a lot of time on my hands at the moment, so it might be now or never...!

    Hope you are all keeping safe and well,


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    To my knowledge there is no workshop manual for the Pathfinder. The GRA can supply non illustrated parts lists for the frame. The engine would subject to a separate Puch manual, not sure where you would buy one of these now.


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      The Puch engine is reputed to be a nightmare to work on with shims everywhere and an armoury of special tools required. Also it is a pretty unsuitable engine for trials work anyway, because the revs have to be kept up.

      You might do better to get the cycle parts assembled to make sure you've got it all. Then (if you're not trying to restore as original) why not fit a different engine? The 175cc BSA Bantam engine has found its way into at least one special that we know of. I've had a go on it and it's a very nice bike. Or maybe a Tiger Cub engine would work - a new take on the Tri-Greeves?

      I expect there's someone out there who needs Puch bits, so you could most likely get something for the lump.

      Best of luck.
      Colin Sparrow


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        There is a forum for Puch motorcycles, and as the 170cc Pathfinder engine was also fitted to Puch's own bikes there may be some help available on this web site


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          There is a "Parts Catalogue for model 59" published. I got this from one of the "Jumblers" at Kempton Park some time ago.
          However it does have GMC 172 ref no.

          I also have a copy of Puch 125 & 175 cc engines. this has some relevant info
          I could email a pdf file to you if you are interested



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            RBO in Austria have a number of parts for Puch MC175 engines as found in the Pathfinder.
            They also sell the parts manual for the Puch 125 and 175. A separate manual for the 6 speed. Only part of this is relevant, but it is well worth it as it describes part with some detail. See photo.

            Personally I am trying to obtain the 'sleeve for lock' for my Pathfinder restoration. I am in Australia.

            Please email me the part catalogue for the model 59. I may not have it.


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              My email address is


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                Sorry I don't have a pdf for the parts catalogue, I have sent you what I have.



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                  Hi Will,

                  I do have the Pathfinder parts list and Puch 6 speed manual on PDF if you still need them, be more than happy to mail them across.