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    [QUOTE=Brian Thompson;12275]
    Prior to the forum going live, with this in mind I spent around three and a half months researching the British Pathe film archives looking for Greeves related material, and after trawling through nearly 1000 pages of the archive this thread contains links to the 38 or so films I found

    I didnt know this existed Brian. What a great collection of films you've identified. Many thanks

    Dr Keith Beach


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      Renee Bennett

      Website under construction - but a few pics for all to view..



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        Renee's TES (24TES426) is up for sale in Southend. The number on front plate looks like 7CJD or CJB maybe a personal plate, cant find any other pics of her on that bike. Most seem to be on here TFS BAN88C
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          More info has come to light. The bike with frame number 24TES426 was 7CJD and was dispatched to John Avery, Oxford 15/11/63, presumably Renee bought it from there. The reg 7CJD was sold circa Nov 1989 (presumably for a cherished number onto another vehicle, currently on an Austin Healey) and the bike re registered as LMD122B, the bike has been untaxed since Sept 1990 and remains is Renee's ownership, it was being sold on Facebook by her granddaughter Hayden Powell, DVLA show it as follows:
          Vehicle Details LMD122B
          Vehicle make GREEVES
          Date of first registration July 1964
          Year of manufacture 1964
          Cylinder capacity 250 cc
          CO₂ emissions Not available
          Fuel type PETROL
          Euro status Not available
          Real Driving Emissions (RDE) Not available
          Export marker No
          Vehicle status Untaxed
          Vehicle colour NOT STATED
          Vehicle type approval Not available
          Wheelplan 2 WHEEL
          Revenue weight Not available
          Date of last V5C (logbook) issued 9 November 1989

          Renee has mislaid or lost the V5c and did not know the new registration to apply for a new V5c, I have done a bit of digging around and found the number which I have now passed to Hayden so she can apply for a new V5c on V62 form.