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Clutch inner case

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  • Clutch inner case

    Hi, Iíve got a clutch inner case which hasnít been drilled for engine number rivets has a engine plate above where oil filler hole should be which isnít drilled itís shows 9e and engine number 20195 can any tell me why the oil filler isnít drilled and whatís it off ta john

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    Engine type 030D is a 9E supplied to AC Cars probably for an invalid carriage. Sorry cant help re oil filler.


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      I am puzzled as to how you managed to post this under 'Parts Sourcing - Paint'?! It doesn't make it easy to find anything.....


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        Sorry Ian Iam not good with posting etc and thanks John for info as a matter of interest the part number has also been milled off


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          It looks as though it is a blank casting which found it's way out of the factory, although having an engine # plate attached is rather odd in that case, as the filler hasn't been machined. Is there an engine attached to it, or did you come by it on it's own? I would put it back on the shelf, and find a proper one, if it were me. Not that hard to find.

          This thread wants to be under 'Non-Greeves Engines, if our webmaster could perhaps shift it?


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            If this came from a car/invalid carriage ect the chain case oil is filled by a bung on outer case I have drilled loads and converted the inners as can be picked up cheaper