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Powder Coating question.

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    Originally posted by Frank View Post

    Brian is dead right on this one. I got myself into some real bother years ago when I left a metalastic bush in the saddle lug of a BMW R26 I was restoring. The coating firm didn't spot it, and it not only partly melted and wrecked the finish, but also welded itself into position. To get it out, I had to resort to a blowtorch and brute force. Sod's Law then took over; I gave the blasted thing a really hefty clout using a large copper drift and my 2lb damager, and it shot out of the frame still burning. I was in the garage and had foolishly left the kitchen door open. It performed a neat parabola trailing smoke and flame behind it and landed on the (plastic) kitchen mat. You might be able to imagine the rest.

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    Its sounds like the American guy who found a mouse in his house and threw the mouse on a fire and the mouse ran back in the house ( alight ) and burnt the house down , Its not a myth its a fact reported on BBC check it out .


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      Originally posted by Stuart Baskill View Post
      Can Greeves frames be powder coated etc with the rubber bushes still fitted in the swinging arm and front wheel loop?
      I have a hatred of powder coating in general because once it chips and rusts it rots away underneath and starts flaking , White Power suspension now WP used white because a nearby powder coater only used white for hospital equipment , yes its good for some things like springs as its applied electrostatically it gets in behind or inside the spring , personally i would spray paint or stove enamel as you can always do a local repair .


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        Touch Up Paint

        Well it was me that won the tin of MOORLAND BLUE touch up paint in the raffle! I used it to tidy up my TES. I might still have the empty tin but it was long time ago! Thanks Pete...John P