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  • Stefa ignition

    Does anyone one know what the likely voltage is, generated by the Stefa magneto coil? I assume it's in tens of volts AC?

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    Mine was usually zero


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      Heh heh. Clearly mine aren't. After forty years thrown in a box in a leaky lean-to and without keepers, I cleaned a couple of units up, fitted them and spun the engines over by hand to be welcomed by solid blue sparks at the Lodge plugs. I was pleasantly surprised. However, I'd still be interested to know what the coil is supposed to produce.


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        The way we tested when young, was to get younger brother to hold the plug whilst kicking over. A good result was him rolling on the floor in agony, if he was thrown across the garage a retest was in order as we probably connected him to the mains by mistake


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          Villiers spares had new flywheels at a very reasonable price not so long ago, don't. think much of their capacitors though.


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            For clarity, it's the coil in the magneto I'm interested in, not the ignition coil mounted under the tank. In any case, my days of doing the "finger test" for high voltage systems are long gone. If no-one knows the answer I guess I could cobble together a jig to run a magneto at speed and make my own measurement.