Hon. President O. B. Greeves MBE Hon. Vice President P. Smith Founded 1988

Racers database

The prime purpose of this facility is to record Greeves racing machines that are known to have survived and still exist. Greeves manufactured both 250cc machines – the Silverstone model – and also a lesser number of 350cc machines – the Oulton model. To try to find out how many are still in existence, this interactive page has been set up so that racing bike owners around the world can share details of bikes they own now or have owned in the past. Listed below are the bikes that have been located so far.

If you would like to contribute any information then please get in touch via email or join our web forum and start a thread there. Any personal details provided are entirely at the discretion of the owner and will only be used for GRA records unless you’re happy for us to publish.

A total of 147 machines are listed here, accounting for 45% of the total manufacturing run of 327.
RAS (39/94)
RBS (17/29)
RCS (34/66)
RDS (23/59)
RES (22/58)
RFS (11/21)
Do you have any information about surviving Greeves road racing machines?
If you have any information, photos or stories about these machines then please get in touch!