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    A few years old video story but what the heck, an interesting guy & true legend that lived the dream!

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    Thanks for posting, very interesting.


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      I completely agree Tony, what a fascinating insight into the man's career and the machines he used, especially Greeves. So much that I wasn't aware of beyond his famous appearance in the classic 'On Any Sunday' film. I was amazed to hear that he'd had similar pioneering surgery to save his smashed leg that I did (for me, in 1972) and all the more incredible that he went on to achieve all the racing successes he did and in some of the toughest events in the world. A true American legend indeed.

      Thanks very much for posting this John, I really enjoyed seeing it.

      What a shame though, that (as usual...) it's had 50 odd 'views' so far but only Tony and I have offered a response to John. There is so much interesting information here that could generate an interesting discussion, especially about the bikes and how they evolved and Greeves part in that process, but alas, least so far....Isn't that what forums are for? I guess the forum has just become an extension of Leading Link, there for people to 'consume' (read passively) instead of 'the online clubhouse' that Rob and I hoped it could be when we plotted it's creation over a decade ago...I so well remember Rob saying to me 'I want it to be the best!' Well mate, some of us tried (and still do...)

      So, next time you all log on hoping to see a decent thread to enjoy, and all you get is yet more incessant eBay repeats and requests for frame numbers, perhaps you will know why....It's no good standing outside the clubhouse peering in through the window...sometimes you need to step inside and start talking to someone. If we just ignore each other, what then....

      Sorry to 'hi-jack' your excellent thread John with my 'whinging', but it's the sad truth these days, and sad is most certainly is.

      I don't know about anybody else, but with what we're all going through right now, it's the little things like watching this excellent film that cheer me up no end and take my mind off it all, if only for a while.

      Thanks again John, a really nice contribution.



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        It hasn't been posted up a day yet Brian, and 50 views to John's post doesn't mean 50 people have been able to spare 1/2 hour during that time to watch the vid, and then been able to find more time to post up comments about it. Many people on here have busy lives. They may be looking forward to watching at the weekend, when they perhaps have more time.

        Well done for finding the video and posting it John. It is indeed very interesting, an insight into what went on back in the day. A couple mistakes in there about Greeves, interestingly, but it was a long time ago, and did nothing to detract from the film. Thanks!

        Ian C
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