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  • Bill Brooker needs help

    This from the Greeves Enthusiasts web site by Danial Lake with a request to circulate it
    Looks like Bill needs some help, and is not getting any help from his local Social Services, can any member in the Southend area help him?

    10 November at 02:55
    At the last post there were 212 shares..Lets keep going until Southend Hospital comment..Well done everyone but lets highlight this WITH YOUR CONTINUED SHARES...Hopefully we may get his MP Rebecca Harris Conservative to comment..

    This is Dennis (Bill) Brooker. He is one of the last surviving old soldiers involved in the relief of Holland with 86 jumps to his credit. He is 94 and has had several recent falls in the last 7 days and attended Southend Hospital each time. They, at his first examination and x ray said he had a cracked hip, then changed their mind and said he had only muscle damage but they sent him home where his lives alone and told him to take 8 paracetamols per day.
    The next day, Bill being a tough old soldier took himself to the supermarket to buy himself food where he had another fall and was admitted back in A&E at Southend Hospital where x rays showed he had broken his arm, it was found he also had two broken ribs. I might add here that Bill has Prostate Cancer that he is also being treated for but he was again sent home with his arm in a sling and a walking stick. Bill sat for 3 days with no help fully clothed, because he is now,because of his injuries, incapable to undress or dress himself
    With all these injuries you would be right to think that social services may have taken a hand and did promise to attend Bill on the 3rd day. On that day, Friday the 9th of November 2018 the doctor was supposed to be delivering meds, which never came. A nurse was supposed to come to help him, she never came and Social Services were supposed to come to asses his needs but never came.
    During all of this Bill's son Keith flew from his home in Portugal to help his father but Keith is also disabled himself so he can only help in a limited way.
    Is this how we treat our old soldiers in times of need. Men who have fought for their country, men who are recognised in Holland as heroes but here as so much baggage.
    Bill is a proud coherent man who lives quite happily until now alone as he lost his wife years ago. He has adjusted to life alone and asks very little from society until now. He only asks for help to be able to cope. Just as a signing off point his broken arm hasn't even been plastered.
    The last picture is of Bill's bed where a kindly neighbour tied a rope to help Bill pull himself upright with his one good arm.

    footnote...It is now monday 12/11 and still no-one has come..lest we forget eh...

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    Good grief, what a dreadful story. Let's hope he gets the help he deserves, without further delay. Shocking.....


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      I wonder if the British Legion know about it, I am sure they would do something.


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        There are a number of army charities. The Army Benevolent Fund springs to mind. Is anyone his prime caraer? If so, who please?

        As a member of the Army motorcycle Association we must be able to get something moving for poor Bill?!


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          Mick Wall lives nearby and looks out for Bill. I'll email you Mick's phone number so you can get first hand information from him.

          There are also some nice neighbours a couple of doors away who provide some support.
          Colin Sparrow


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            I visited Bill yesterday. He's now getting 3 visits a day from the NHS so things are much better.


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              I'm sorry to have to report that Bill is not doing so well. His daughter Clare is on the case and he is now in a nursing home in Southend. Cards etc. sent to his home address in Thundersley will reach him.
              Colin Sparrow


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                This picture has recently been placed on facebook taken by John Chambers during a visit to Bill of Bryan Wade
                Click image for larger version

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