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DOT Motorcycles return

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  • DOT Motorcycles return

    Not a scrambler or trials I’m afraid. Showing at NEC in December, not discovered price or engine supplier yet. Alternative to Enfield?

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    Interesting looking machines, very modern, with good brakes & suspenders etc. Expensive, I would imagine, rather like the current CCMs. Guy Martin is somehow involved. A fairly powerful 650 twin with light'ish weight, so they should go well. The cafe racer looks rather nice. The other one looks wierd!


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      Ian, Update .Kawasaki ER6 engine apparently, BUT price is 17000-24000 depending upon customer specifications! Four will be on the stand at the NEC but on plinths so no sitting on or touching allowed as they are reputedly sold. I wouldn’t buy one without sitting on it, the scrambler being too tall for me anyway apart from the price , three Enfield Interceptor instead?


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        Colin. I thought they would be expensive, but that is ridiculous! The CCMs at around the 10k+ mark are expensive enough, but they too are hand built, with good equipment, and although the 600 single motor is a bit down on power at 55hp to the Kwaka's 68, it is also 30kg lighter. The Kwak is a good engine, but are really a cheap massed produced motor. Some people will just pay anything for exclusivity; not me I'm afraid!


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          Far from the original DOT bikes which were lightweight affordable bikes.