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Triumph's new lines.

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  • Triumph's new lines.

    It would appear that Triumph are going to produce both MX and Enduro machines in the near future. I'm not sure there is much room in the existing market for a "new" manufacturer, but I'm willing to be proved wrong!

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    Talking of modern bikes
    I had a test ride on the CPX electric scooter today, about 20K (12 miles) of country road riding mostly in 30 & 40 mph limits but did take it briefly up to 80K (50mph) on an unrestricted road, the speedo was set at KM's, (salesman did say it could be switched to MPH but did not know how to do it) battery started off at 98% and down to 95% at end of ride. Battery indicator showed about 1/2 on one battery, second one still full. So I assume total rage would be around 50 to 60 mph at those sort of speeds. I normally ride a 1991 Yamaha T80 Townmate (Top speed 45mph) so performance of CPX would be slightly better. But the Townmate has a range of 120 miles on a gallon of petrol. Whilst the CPX would probably do the sort of mileage I do, mostly sub 20 mile journeys, longer trips would require a re charge of at least one battery before return. Thus you have to be somewhere where you can charge the battery. The two battery version is a must as at least you have a reserve should you run low on first battery. Not sure if the same charger does both batteries together in scooter, or if you have to remove them and charge them individually, thus doubling the time to charge them. Another factor is the life of batteries, they are guaranteed for 3 years but after that its a costly replacement, currently 1500 each. I was generally impressed with performance, quite (obviously) and smooth, I dont expect lightning performance from a scooter. As for general fittings I thought the mirrors were a bit flimsy, kept coming lose and swiveling round, but thus probably due to not tighted up fully, but this would be an issue when folding them in to get through a gate or shed door, unlike the Yamaha T80 ones which have nylon friction mounts. Wont be buying one yet, a bit more development needed on battery technology. At 4700 its about twice as much as a comparable 125 petrol scooter and you would have to do a lot of miles to get return on that from free tax and cheap electricity
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      I was surprised too Brian, a small market already flooded with very capable bikes. Always willing to be proved wrong though as I predicted they wouldn't last long when they first set up!!!


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        With Ricky Carmichael on then design team shouldn't be a bad bike if it gets going. KTM will probably be involved as they seem to be with most brands in some form or another


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          My observations on KTM involvement would be only if they could buy Triumph, this seems to be there operating mantra recently and I've lost count of how many firms they now own, Gas-Gas being a recent 'acquisition'.


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            husqvarna, gas gas and I think there's another Mx brand.