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  • I.S.D.T. Triumph

    Hello all, i aquired what i believe to be a I.S.D.T. Cheney Triumph a while ago which i am in the proccess of re commisioning, it is complete but has stood for years. I have been in touch with Simon Cheney to find some info about it with a view to road registering it, i believe it was once road registered as the rear guard looks to have once had a number plate sadly it is missing. Simon asked for pictures which i duly sent but no info has been forthcoming as yet. Does anyone know of any other means of identifying this bike from its frame and engine number ?

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    Have you a pic of it? The British team used these in the 1970 ISDT, but there are a number of replica's. One (Jim Sandiford's) came up at Bonhams at Banbury June 2011
    Registration no. WCG 102H
    Frame no. MK2 102
    Engine no. JD24845 T100C

    Jim Sandiford was one of three riders assigned the 504cc version, the others being Bill Wilkinson and the team captain, Ken Heanes, while in the '500' class Great Britain was represented by John Giles, Malcolm Rathmell and John Pease.

    According to DVLA there are 8 listed
    WCG101H frame No 101
    WCG102H frame No 102
    WCG103H frame No 103
    WGC105H frame No 105
    WGC106H frame No 106
    WGC107H frame No unknown
    WGC108H frame No unknown
    WCG109H frame number ends with 679 so may not be an original
    There is no WCG104H listed on DVLA but may have dropped off, looks like it could have been frame No 104

    whether all these bikes were actually built for the ISDT I dont know, presumably some spares were built for training etc.
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      As a devotee of the 70/71 Trophy Team bikes, it would seem that at least 8 were built. 7 were used by the Brit Team, 6 Trophy bikes and 1 spare, and one was built for an American rider, Dale Richardson. The Brit bikes were registered as 101 to 106 plus 110 for the "riding spare". I cannot remember what Dale's bike was registered as, but it's in the USA with his son I think. I'm pretty sure that they were all registered through Ken Heanes' shop, so adjacent numbers could be on anything he sold.


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        WCG110H (presumably frame No 110) is not on DVLA so like 104 did not make it onto DVLA circa 1979.


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          I.S.D.T. Triumph

          Hi guys, thanks for the prompt response, i phoned Simon Cheney again this morning and he said there are no factory records ??? he said the best way of dating it would be to contact the T.O.C with the engine number, i find it strange there are no factory records but thats what the man says. I found a 1968 british trophy team cheney Triumph which sold at Bonhams in Las vegas on the 6th Jan 2011 the frame number was T6 mine is T1, engine number T100 43418. Its all pretty orig i recon bar the back mudguard, a freind says the hubs are magnesium and not std fitment? All and any info gratfully received chaps thank you.
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            Your bike is obviously not one of the ISDT bikes listed above but would be one of the many 'replica' frames built by Cheney, a nice bike to have none the less but getting it road registered may be an issue if you cant get a dating cert from Cheney. Strange they have no records
            This is the link to the one sold by Bonhams in Las Vegas

            Further info on the Bonhams bike by Geoff Bates on 'Speed Track Tales'

            "This bike was ridden by John Lewis and he retired on the first day due to a broken rocker. The brand new engine was fitted into the Cheney frame by Arthur Bates. The frame is painted black not plated as a centre stand, various lugs and seat hinges etc had to be welded on and there was no time to get it plated! Oil is not stored in the frame as was usual for Cheney motocross frames but in an alloy tank with filler under the seat hence the need for a hinged seat.
            The original silencer was off an Enfield trials bullet and fitted neatly along the left hand side.
            The bike was sponsored by Tim Pritchard of Westbury Motorcycles of Westbury on Trym, Bristol who supported Johnís motocross career for several years.
            Tim originally supplied 3 frames and engines for John, Arthur and Billy Mills, but due to Billyís tragic death earlier in the year only Johnís bike was completed."

            So NOT a British Trophy Team bike as listed by Bonhams
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              Originally posted by John Wakefield View Post
              Your bike is obviously not one of the ISDT bikes listed above (
              It wouldn't be John, because you listed the 1970/'71 machines. Stace's bike appears to be a 1968 model, numbered in the same sequence as the Las Vegas sale bike, so who knows?


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                Originally posted by IanCordes View Post
                It wouldn't be John, because you listed the 1970/'71 machines. Stace's bike appears to be a 1968 model, numbered in the same sequence as the Las Vegas sale bike, so who knows?
                Yes I realise that so Staces bike would have been one of the many sold as frame kits to private buyers so cant be traced from ISDT lists. It may never have been UK registered if sold abroad.
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                  There is much knowledge on a Facebook page called Cheney Racing Group. The page originator, Dale Fisher may be able to answer some of the queries. He owns at least 3 Cheneys, including one of the Met Police ISDT bikes.


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                    I.S.D.T. Triumph.

                    Hi all, thank you everybody that has had an input into finding the origins of what is i must say a very well put together motorcycle in this Cheney Triumph.
                    I was looking foreward to getting it on the road, it is now in running order and i have taken it out on a farm track within my village, it is incredibly quiet yet so responsive, most triumph off roaders i have rode have you looking for ear plugs. Alas my pleasures will be short lived as a freind i have has a JAP 750cc v twin that i have been trying to winkle out of him for years without success, i think its an offer i can not refuse as he has offered a swop. I confess to already owning a Cheney victor 441 and have had plans for that JAP if i ever got hold of it for quite some time. Thank you again everybody for your input, its a refreshing reminder of one of the advantages of being in a club with such a rich vein of knowledge.


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                      You could email Mike Worthington-Williams with details of your Cheney, Mike will hopefully include it in his Old Bike Mart 'Feedback' column. You will then get the benefit of a much wider audience, I am certain someone will know the answer. Mikes email address is

                      UPDATE: Sadly Mike Worthington Williams died in Feb 2021, so please do not try to correspond with him.
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                        I.S.D.T. CHENEY TRIUMPH

                        Hi I am a new member to this forum and reading some of the earlier posts I thought I would add the info gathered over the last few years and hopefully add to the history of these machines and correct some facts.
                        There were actually 12 bikes built and I have the evidence in an extract of the Hampshire County Council Vehicle Registration for my bike WCG 109H and it clearly states 101 to 112. Also there have been numerous photos in Motorcycle Magazines showing Eric standing behind the 7 machines used and you can see the registrations 101 to 106 and on the far left WCG 112H as the spare bike.
                        As far as my bike is concerned WCG 109H, when I purchased it in 2004 it had lost it’s original reg no. when the DVLA computerised their records, but after a bit of a battle the original reg no. was returned to the bike with the frame number T109 including EC3679 which is the original engine number.

                        For information the Hampshire Vehicle Registration Entry is as follows:
                        WCG 109H. Built up
                        Make. Triumph T109
                        Chassis No. EC3679. (which is actually the engine number)
                        To Whom Assigned. E. Cheney. Crookham
                        Agents. 101-112. Ken Heanes Special Machines for racing by British Team in Spain
                        Date. 13 May 1970

                        Of interest In 2014 I did notice WCG 111H for sale for $25000 I think in Australia. I have a copy