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    Building a Grumph from a 59 20TA.
    Could use some advice on wheels for road use.
    E.g just replace the hubs or fit something else.

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    Is the bike 194XVU (actually a 1960 TCS your pic from facebook page) if so why not use the existing wheels which look to have nice new rims. Perfectly ok for road use with suitable road tyres. Might be better & cheaper to trade it in for this one already done in a later MX1 frame, it has the later full width alloy hubs which are a vast improvement over the tin hubs. Shame to modify what looks like an original restored bike
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      Hi John, yes I agree about modifying the bike but I'm not using it and not getting any interest selling it at c.2500.
      The rims are new, I built them onto the tin hubs but certainly the front brake will not be good enough.
      I'll think again before I start, possibly if I can get a decent frame I'll try selling again.


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        Paul as I said in my previous post you may well be better to buy the MX1 based one on ebay and then spend some time & money rebuilding it making it how you want it. I am sure the guy selling it would do a good deal on trade in of your Scottish as he has been trying to sell it for some time. Beware buying a frame and starting from scratch, you need one with a V5c as DVLA wont register a TriGreeves on a new number. Well they will but on a Q plate and not eligible for free 'Historic Tax' and MoT.
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          Thanks John


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            Paul. I have sent you a message.

            kind regards