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Triss Sharpe ISDT bike

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  • Triss Sharpe ISDT bike

    If whoever bought this ISDT bike sees this, would you like to get in touch to compare notes etc. and just maybe one day we can get all the ISDT bikes together. Peter.

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    Which bike. He rode in ISDT a few times ?


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      Just a thought it might make a good club stand in the off road hall at the Stafford show in October. We would need about 12 bikes with their history


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        Will there be a Stafford show In October?, from the way the Covid19 pandemic lock down is panning out there unlikely to be any public shows to 2021 at the earliest, and if a vaccine is not widely available then mass public gatherings & shows look to be a distant memory. In the meantime the way is clear for us to get on our bikes and ride them.


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          I have 5 Greeves 3 of which are for road use and 2 Challenger scramblers. The road bikes are taxed and insured and ridden on the road. The scramblers have to be ridden by my son as I can no longer manage that for health reasons. They are not for investment but for fun. However those which are for viewing are being preserved for a later generation.