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Modern Greeves for sale on FB marketplace

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  • Modern Greeves for sale on FB marketplace

    Interesting to see one of the 3 modern Greeves built by Greeves Motorcyles for sale in Essex. Asking price of 4,500 GBP seems reasonable. Definitely a collectors item.

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    Thanks for heads up on that Phil, I suppose I better make a listing on the Greeves Survivors Register for these. =post&tracking=browse_serp%3A51ba7336-321e-4f7b-9425-b4afc2727cc0 Not sure i agree on price, you can by a good Gas Gas for ?2k not sure if it has any collectors value, maybe an exhibit in a motorcycle museum.

    There were at least 4 built the one for sale and three prototypes ridden in 2012 SSDT EU11GDE, EU11BCZ and EU11BCY the one for sale is the first production one, unregistered. All three prototypes are shown as on SORN with V5c issued 4/5/2011 so presumably still owned by Richard Deal.
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