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Crankcase identification

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  • Crankcase identification

    Hi Guys, just stripping my 32A for a rebuild and noticed that the numbers are a little confusing on the crankcase. On the front of the cases where the front mounting bolt fits (just under the face where the cylinder head bolts to) I have the number M83 stamped on both cases but at the opposite end on the face where the gearbox bolts to in the "relief " in the casting one has 6362 cast in and in the other half 6363! ...Are they a pair? Clarification please!

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    They appear to be a pair, as witnessed by the M83 on both halves, at the front, provided they are original stampings, and have not been tampered with. By definition, if the numbers at the back are cast in, they cannot used to define a matching pair, can they? They will therefore be part numbers.


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      Ah yes, good point. The numbers on the front do look original...not too sharp and a little indistinct. Thanks, your right.


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        To clarify, the ones at the back will either be part numbers or casting numbers, probably the latter.