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Fuel tap for 1963 Scottish TE

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  • Fuel tap for 1963 Scottish TE

    Good afternoon all,

    Could anyone tell me what is the correct fuel tap for my ‘63 Scottish. It’s the painted or stove enamelled dull silver tank. Mine’s leaking badly even when in the off position (not from where it meets the tank the fuel line).

    I don’t understand the sizing.

    Preferably - fingers crossed - from here:


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    Actually, never mind ‘correct’ because it will need to be ethanol resistant. Just one that will fit and work please.



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      Most fuel cocks for British bikes are BSP and/or labelled as "Gas" threads, for example, on my TFS it is a 1/8" (inlet) x 1/4" (outlet) gas thread. A 1/8" ' gas ' is approx 10mm o.d

      If you get a quarter turn lever type pet cock they do not have any internal washers etc. as they are all metal construction so no Ethanol worries.

      You will also require a 10mm Dowty seal for the seal between tank and tap. (if it is indeed for a 1/8" tap)

      If you go onto Villiers services web site and the pages that deal with taps on page 2 is a 1/8 x 1/4 tap nickel finished that I have just fitted and it is ok.


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        Thanks Cray


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          if the existing one has a cork seal put it in on old baked bean can in an inch or so of water then on a low light on a camping stove well away from anything else, in the yard or garden and give it a gentle boil. Let it cool and see how you go.


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            Thanks Peter. I don’t have a cork seal, but I’m nevertheless intrigued to know why you’d need to boil it ‘well way from anything else’. Is it because of the smell?

            What with the fuel leak problem I’ve had and the fact the bike is living on my lounge at the moment, the whole house smells like a BP forecourt. Mrs K is a saint to put up with me.

            I drained the tank again and took the tap out, wondering if I could repair it somehow. The only way forward seemed to be removing the split pin that holds the spring. But as soon as I tried to bend the ends it just snapped. I’ll be ordering a new tap tomorrow.

            Unfortunately, because it kept dripping from the tank and I wanted to try to minimise the house smell, I put a bit of gaffa tape over the hole. Big mistake - the paint on the underside of the tank melted. So today I’ve had to do a patch job with some primer, silver wheel paint and petrol resistant lacquer I had laying around. It doesn’t look great!



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              Petrol and open flames do not mix, boiling the cork seal can produce more than a pong, it is wise to keep away from anything that could catch fire. Peter.


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                I have to say that the best tap I have come across is the Bap Tap. (Available from Feked and others.) Absolutely doesn't leak. It does have a membrane inside but is alleged to be methanol proof. I have them on both my Greeves for several years. Fit and forget. The only problem is that both ends are threaded 1/4" BSP (gas) thread so you need an adaptor to convert from 1/4" female to 1/8" male for the Greeves tank. Available on Ebay.