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  • TVE 223 where are you

    Barrie Connor bought a 20TA? Scottish registration number TVE223 from Claude Scott of Cambridge when he was 16 for around 65. He later part exchanged it at King & Harper, Cambridge around 1963. Looking on the DVLA web site TVE 223 is taxed till July 2020 so is around somewhere and a runner. Anyone own it or know where it is? In the attached pic the bike is fitted with a dual seat (possible from a BSA) and the 'obigatory' bobby dodger spotlight on handlebars
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    Found it I knew that number rang a bell, TVE223 is owned by our recently departed member Dick Dunkley, (see my pic taken at the 2013 Cambridge show) Dick had it new from Claude Scott and bought it back and restored it some years ago. Barrie Connor must have been the second owner. Not sure what the correct frame number is.
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