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77 NEV are you out there?

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  • 77 NEV are you out there?

    Iain Philipps has posted on Greeves Facebook that "In a moment of insanity, I sold an Anglian (reg no 77NEV) for £25 in 1973
    I know itís still out there ... somewhere ..."

    77NEV is a Essex registratiion issued in November 1959 so I dont think its an Anglian! From further checks the frame number is listed at DVLA as 691912 Greeves never used 69/1912 so in view of the reg number it would appear to be a DVLA typo and the real number probably 59/1912 which would make it a 24SAS Hawkstone scrambler. DVLA have colour as blue and silver. Its status on DVLA is 'not taxed for road use', so may still be around, has anyone got it, I am sure Iain would be delighted to find his old bike. He may even be willing to pay £25 to get it back