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Griffon 380cc engine rebuild - head gasket

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  • Griffon 380cc engine rebuild - head gasket

    I am considering fitting a thin copper head gasket to my 380cc Griffon.

    I believe no head gasket was fitted originally as none is shown in parts lists.

    To perhaps get a better seal ? lower the performance ? detune ? lower compression ration ? ease starting ?

    Comments greatly appreciated.

    On eBay a professional looking company in USA is making what appears to be close to the perfect size
    82.5 mm bore, 95.5 mm OD and 0.53 mm thick

    My bore = 82 mm
    OD of recess in head / edge of outer top of cylinder = 96.68 mm
    Depth of recess in head = 1.5 mm

    They are $11.40 (?8.98) each and on contacting they said postage would be about $20 (?15.72) for 4 gaskets
    Total per gasket if buying 4 is ?12.91 each

    I am tempted to get 4 gaskets to spread cost of postage: 1 for me to use, 1 for me spare and 2 for anybody else to have at cost.

    Anybody want/need a copper head gasket for a 380cc Griffon ?
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    Martin you should be able to get these made in UK much cheaper, a firm with a laser cutter could make them from copper sheet. A gasket will do no harm and as you say reduce the compression to make engine easier to start and give a softer state of tune. Maybe worth a quote from this company