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1960 Hawkstone sold by Matthesons

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  • 1960 Hawkstone sold by Matthesons lse&sd=1&pp=48&pn=1&g=1 sold 17th/3/23 GBP 3800. Looks later than 1960 as it has Timpkin taper roller head stock and later type rear frame. Apparently had a GRA dating cert though. Did anyone on here buy it?
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    It appears to be an SCS, which could have been built from August 1960 on, for the 1961 model year. I can't believe it fetched that money.....


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      Matthewson's appear to get good prices, see their results for Greeves sales over last 3 years. maybe the Bangers and Cash fame draws in the punters.


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        Could be. I must admit to being amused by the spinoff series where the camera crew try to make a profit restoring vehicles they've bought at the auction, and usually failing dismally. And the 2 blokes they have "restoring" the bikes they unwisely buy are real clowns. Probably a good job I never invite anyone in my shed.......