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Griffon 380cc engine rebuild - gearbox

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  • Griffon 380cc engine rebuild - gearbox

    Hi All,

    Work on my Griffon has been slowed due to sorting out other bikes ready for when, or if, the sun comes out this year !

    The inner primary chain case is now off and I am working towards taking the engine and gearbox out of the frame.

    I got a long bar and big socket out ready to take off the gearbox sprocket off, but found the sprocket was finger tight on
    the shaft only being held on by the tab washer . Luckily it does not seem to have damaged the output gear splines.

    The gearbox is stamped GB2/894 - see photo - What does this infer ?

    And as can be seen in the photo the gearbox is bolted to the back of the engine with Allen headed bolts.

    Are Allen headed bolts standard for a Griffon ?

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    GB2 means it was originally fitted with wide or intermediate wide ratios, the only way to be sure is to count the teeth. They should be Albion gears and shafts i.e. 5 spine mainshaft.
    The socket head cap screws (the proper description) are correct for the Griffon. Make sure they're tight and definitely use lockwire.



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      Hi Druid

      Thank you for the information. I don't know how many types of gear ratio sets were fitted to a Griffon, but
      a wide or intermediate wide sound more reasonable than close ratio (if close ratio exists?) for my intended
      road use for this Griffon

      There is a 5 spline main shaft exiting the gearbox indicating Albion gears and shafts. Is Albion good?

      Hopefully I will get time next week to remove the gearbox and look at the internals.