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380cc Q.U.B. Griffon Desert (63D)

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    The original inner numbered gearbox case arrived from Kenny yesterday. He had one GBB case in stock GBB 1973 - what was fitted to the bike? GBB 1973, what were the chances of finding the original? The engine and gearbox were built on 17/10/1972. It will now have the correct gearbox to match the engine GPG 3 116.

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    I am in the process of gathering the correct gears as it is unlikely that it has the correct intermediate or even wide ratio gears. Kenny sent me the spec which Nick Nicholson used;

    Per Nick's book you need part # G02961 B ratio gearbox. This is the 30 tooth
    six spline PGT gears.

    The following gears is what is used in a B ratio six spline...these are the
    PGT small pitch gears not the last type with larger teeth.

    Main shaft gears as followed,

    G02961 PINION 30 T
    G02469 PINION 27 T
    G02472 PINION 23 T
    G02474 PINION 18 T

    Layshaft gears
    G02475 PINION 18 T
    G02470 PINION 21 T
    G02467 PINION 25 T
    G02477 PINION 30 T

    I am still looking for these 3 in the unlikelihood that someone has them on their shelf. (Steve might have these ones, Gary is going to check for me)
    GO2474 - 18T fixed gear.
    GO2475 - 18T fixed gear.
    GO2470 - 21T Bushed gear


    2 x18t fixed gears -

    One is 1st gear mainshaft, it has a shoulder either side of the teeth.
    The other is 4th gear layshaft, it has a shoulder on one side, the other side is raised by less than 1mm.


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      The gearbox arrived back today from Geoff. Rebuilt with the wide ratio gears as per the Enduro. The intermediate gears were difficult to find and the wide ratio make for a really good road/lane/muddy track set up. Hopefully the bike will arrive next week after its epic journey.
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      Gearbox service sheet
      Click image for larger version

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        At long last the bike has arrived. A 19 inch with a 3.50 tyre has been fitted on the front which was the preferred size for desert scrambles. The chrome is quite good so I might keep that one as is. The rear is alloy so I might look for a chrome 18 x WM3 so they match up (If you have one it needs to be for conical hub). The Ceriani's are in very good external condition with original lacquer and no pitting on the stanchions. They don't appear to leak however will probably need new seals. First job is a clean up and then I will decide a plan of action.
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          It might be rough on the outside however nice looking clutch - for a change
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            The bike is now coming back together, Dave Higgins has rebuilt the engine, serviced the forks and wheels. The engine has had a crank bearing conversion by Simon Bateman and Geoff Nunn has rebuilt the gearbox with wide ratio gears. The GBB box should have intermediate gears however we we were struggling to find the correct ones so went for wide ratio which are even better for the intended use. The bike will have the 'Enduro kit' so lights speedometer and the large muffler, the only part I need to sort out is the speedometer fixing tube which is similar to a tool box but slightly wider to accommodate the Smiths grey faced speedometer.
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              looks Great.



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                Back from being sprayed, a good match to the original
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                  Looking good Tony; great job.

                  Ian C.


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                    Love the gold


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                      Cant wait to see and hear the finished Bike.
                      Great work.


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                        Just the front mudguard and speedometer bracket to sort out. I never knew that there were 2 sizes of front mudguard bracket for the griffon with Ceriani forks.

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