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    What tyres would you recommend for the SAS Hawkstone with WM1 x 21" front and WM2 x 19" rear? Cost being a substantial consideration, I might add, but it would be good to know that they fit!

    Many thanks. Ian

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    Depends upon what you plan to use it for, if for mainly road and green lan use I would fit modern trials tyres. 2.75 x 21 front and 4.00 x 19 rear. Vintage tyres do an Ensign brand similar to the Dunlop. 19" is an obsolete size now as most bikes (including Greeves) have 18" rear wheels. I think you ill find 4.00 x19" knobblys virtually unobtainable new.


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      I am asking about MX tyres John


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        Ian, with mx tyres, the width is measured across the tyre at the base of the tread, so many tyres ( most ) will actually be wider than the spec size due to protuding side knobbles,
        So don`t go wider than a 100x100 18, i have just built a road reg h/stone, that i am going to use for green laning etc, but also a couple of scrambles, so i am trying these new michelin trackers, not a full on mx tyre, but hopefully good dual purpose tyre.
        i bought 100 x 100 x 18 rear & 80 x 100 x 21 on the front, fit like a glove, having said that i do believe metzeler 110 rears will fit, but remember, a wider tyre does not mean better performance, as the extra width tends to hold the bike upright more in corners, a narrow tyre helps the bike get down in the corners.
        If price is an issue, go for medium hardness budget tyres, unless the rider is of a good standard, these sort of tyres are fine, just google cheap mx tyres & see what takes your fancy.


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          Dave. Thanks for the reply.. Bear in mind that the SAS has a 19" rear, unlike the 18" of the SCS, for example. I believe the swinging arm is narrower on the SAS, too, so fitting an 18" rim isn't going to resolve the issue, and I would like to keep it standard.

          The original rear tyre was 3.50x19. Having done some homework on what is available, there are road-legal MX tyres available. Whilst I know that they are not ideal on the road, back in the '80's I did ride to Paris on a Yam XT550 which was fitted with MX tyres! Not great in the wet, but I never fell off!

          The idea is to retain as much of an original appearance as possible, whilst making it a bit usable; not turn it into an SAS/TAS. That is why I am still not sure about using the TCS exhaust.

          I saw those Trackers, and they look good value. The 80/100 x 21 looks just right..My concern is whether the 100/90 x 19 rear, the narrowest 19" they do, will fit. As you say, without measuring one across the side knobbles it is a gamble. I know it is a lower profile than the 100/100, but I don't think that will be an issue.

          I imagine there must be SAS's still being used in anger, so my question really is what do their riders fit, assuming they haven't changed to a later swinging arm and 18" rim?

          To give me an idea, could you measure your 100/100 across the side knobbles please? Temporarily I have slipped the TCS back wheel in to get things aligned. That clears no problem, and measures 4.15" across the widest part.

          Out of interest, what exhaust have you fitted on yours? Piccy please!

          Cheers. Ian


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            The extra inch on the rim size is no more than half an inch into the swing arm compared to the 18 inch, my tracker measures slightly under 12cms total width, as for trying to source something narrower, don’t think they are any less than 100 width, but I may be wrong, all modern Mx bikes use 19 rims so there is plenty of choice.


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              Thanks Dave. That is about 1/4" wider than the trials tyre, so I reckon it could go. Only one way to find out.....

              How about your exhaust?


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                Just an update to this, in case anyone else is wrestling with this problem, the 100/90 x 19" Tracker will most definitely NOT fit the SAS swinging arm. I have ordered a 3.50 x 19" Duro, so when that arrives and is fitted I will report back. Meanwhile, if anyone would like an unused 100/90 x 19" road-legal MX/Enduro Michelin Tracker tyre, I have one going spare.... The one Greeves model it should be suitable for is the SCS, which had a 19" rim, with the benefit of the wide swinging arm. I am fresh out of SCSs to fit it to! Photos on request.

                Ian C.