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950UNO and 171VEV after they were famous

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  • 950UNO and 171VEV after they were famous

    Ian's thread on SOO22D leads me to ask what happened to the two 'famous' 32DC's that were ridden by film star Richard Wyler and road racer Joe Dunphy on the 1961 European tour.The bikes
    950UNO (61/3530), and 171VEV (61/3595) are both known to survive.

    Wyler's bike 950UNO appeared at the Greeves 50th anniversary (see attached pic), it was last known with former GRA member Colin Dennison from Kent, and is currently on SORN
    Dunphy's bike 171VEV was sold 6/6/16 by Historics of Brooklands for 4200. It looked tatty and was by then fitted with fibreglass tank and mudguards 'Essex style' after the trip it was retained by Greeves as Bert Greeves personal machine which was used to try out developments as they came along and hence why it was not in the same original state as when it went on the trip. The last known owner (previous to the auction) was Dave Benson of London the DVLA have it as untaxed since 1/2/90 and presumably still in UK as it does not have an export marker, although that proves nothing as often untaxed vehicles are not declared as exported. 4200 was a high price for a bike in this condition but presumably the provenance of it being ridden by Joe Dunphy was the reason.

    Again like the SOO trials bikes it's sad that these two well known Greeves are not on the road or appearing at shows.
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    Great thread idea John, and definitely two very interesting machines.


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      950 UNO is still with former GRA member Colin Dennison now living in Devon, Its in good condition and still being regularly ridden by Colin.
      171 VEV was according to its pre auction owner Dave Benson sold to a 'Mr Greeves' other than that the auctioneers would not give details. So maybe one of Berts relations.


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        A more recent pic of 950UNO supplied by Colin Dennison
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