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greeves db250 1960 fitting taper roller conversion

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  • greeves db250 1960 fitting taper roller conversion

    had to replace forks as they were badly distorted the replacement forks were later taper roller forks so i purchased a conversion kit from greeves motorcycle have fitted but the tope yoke only goes int forks about 1/2 an inch dosnt look right or seem safe to me any sugestions. would go back to the balls but track wont fit onto forks

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    Photos would help Kevin. Have you joined the GRA? If so you need to email Rob Thornton to get your membership upgraded. You will then be able to post pictures, access the members-only area where there is a lot of information available, etc.



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      Kevin, as far as I remember, his kit is just an outer ring for the bearing track & a smaller ring to make up the Id of the inner race, so did the top yoke fit right before?
      Some things to check, are the tracks driven home properly, are the new bearings the same depth as the old ones, have the tops of the forks been shortened,
      They do vary in length, measure from the top face of the bottom clamp to the top of the tube, also, the top yoke should sit in the fork leg at least an inch.
      I have fitted those kits before, cheap & tacky, but do work, so I would back track to see if you can see the problem.
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