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    A heads up on a FAKE East Coaster that is out there. Its a 1961/2 25DC which has had its frame number re stamped 25DC464B (original unknown) with registration number BRK68D.and a 2T engine nimber 794D13688 according to DVLA its taxed till June 2020 and is also shown as insured on ASKMID
    • Vehicle make:GREEVES
    • Date of first registration:September 1966
    • Year of manufacture:1966
    • Cylinder capacity (cc):249 cc
    • CO₂Emissions:Not available
    • Fuel type:PETROL
    • Euro Status:Not available
    • Export marker:No
    • Vehicle status:Tax not due
    • Vehicle colour:BLUE
    • Vehicle type approval:Not available
    • Wheelplan:2-WHEEL
    • Revenue weight:Not available

    I went to look at it for a previous owner in Letchworth in 2013 when it was an unfinished project (see pics) After finding out the truth about the bike he sold it onto to a guy in Hitchin in 2014. It would appear that he has completed the bike as its now taxed and insured. So members need to be aware of this should it come up for sale.

    The REAL bike is with Tony East in his ARE Museum on IoM. Tony has been informed.
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    Be careful, John. there are two consecutive entries in the dispatch records for 25DC464B. Both bikes have 086F engine numbers (although they are not identical). One went to Dave Bickers, the other went to Banks in 1965, so we could be looking at an (accidental) factory duplicate here. It does happen.
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      Colin I have seen this bike and its a 1961/62 25DC and clearly the number has been re stamped. I am aware of the 2 entries in dispatch records but it was the same bike returned to the factory from Bickers, and re sold to MONTY Banks (J M Banks Cambridge Heath). The original engine number 086F1797 was the same on 'both' bikes. So obviously the same one. BRK is a London registration


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        This bike is now for sale on eBay Looks like someone has completed the restoration and is now selling it on. shame they have spent so much money and time restoring a ringer BUYERS BEWARE
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          This is the real bike in pic. The seller is now aware of the issues with this bike and will be advising the eventual highest bidder, apparently he cant withdraw the listing at this time. He is then going to sort out the issue with frame number.
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            Some good news re this bike, owner withheld it from sale at last minute and is now going to fit it with kosher 1961 beam to make it legal