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Registering Bikes with DVLA

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    Sorry to say John that for vehicles with no known history an inspection would appear to be necessary however if you are lucky enough to have an old log book and the original reg no., or old tax disc then your plight is less arduous,and can be sorted buy other organisation as previously stated on the forum.speaking personally my experience of the GRA system was not exactly spontaneous,as I started the process once I joined the club and have only just got it sorted by my own efforts that must be 9 months or so? Need I say more. It would be interesting to know how many Greeves aplications are actually being processed as I suspect it is not that many as we are a dying breed!


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      DVLA now require proof of frame number when claiming original reg numbers

      This from the IciniCAM web site

      New Restrictions on V765s
      June 2015

      DVLA introduced new restrictions on V765 applications at the end of May they didnít tell anyone they were going to do it but just started rejecting any V765 that used a tax disc as its documentary evidence.

      The new rule is that any supporting documentation must have a specific link to the vehicle or, in other words, must show the frame number. It is not yet clear whether an engine number will be acceptable if the log book does not record the frame number, as is often the case with cyclemotors.

      In most cases, this means that old log books will be the only accepted documents. Pre-1983 MoT certificates and tax discs donít record frame numbers, so wonít be accepted. That leaves old insurance certificates and local authority archive records. In many, many cases these donít show frame numbers either.

      If thatís not bad enough, it also raises questions about the role of the FBHVC. DVLA seems to have treated the Federation with contempt in this matter. Not only did they not bother to consult the FBHVC about the change but they didnít even tell the Federation that it had happened.

      Apparently the FBHVC were consulted as per this recent statement. Looks like the whistle has been blown on a few ringers!! The following statement by Bob Owen of the FBHVC explains

      Correcting Registrations
      Bob Owen
      Augst 2015
      The Newsletter is a little late this time,because we have delayed it so we can report properly on the issues arising from the letter, which many of you will already have seen and which is reproduced below. I am afraid I am going to go on at some length but I feel in view of all that has happened it is essential that you all understand where we are and how we have got to this position.
      We have to start from some principles. I have had to read up on some archived papers fully to understand the whole situation, and here is what I have found.
      The record shows that the Federation first agreed to become involved in what became the V765 Scheme in 1990. We did so because the setting up of a formal scheme to enable vehicles to be reunited with their previous registrations was very much in the interest of our members, not only of prestige vehicles, but of all the rest as well. As the scheme developed it was expanded to permit vehicles which could not, for a variety of reasons, obtain a previously held registration, but were clearly historic, to be allocated a registration which generally reflected its antiquity. Authenticity was very important from the outset. It has always been clear that the Federation does not and will not support the representation of modern replicas, however well produced or true to the originals, as being actual historic vehicles. They are not. I think I should quote verbatim from the last paragraph of an internal Federation note dated 30 April 1990 defining the basis of our involvement, because it is very relevant: Ďthe above [Federation involvement in the
      scheme] is necessary because ... problems could arise if registration numbers are issued in any way that is not absolutely above board and able to
      withstand any investigative scrutiny...í I wish to make it clear to all members that the Federationís actions in the recent past have been totally in accord with our obligation to support this position, which we clearly undertook in 1990 on behalf of all, not just a section, of our members. Two circumstances would appear to have come together to create the position the Federation now finds itself in.
      Firstly, the DVLA decided to close its Local Offices in the cause of efficient government and centralised its records, including records of V765 and age related registration applications. As a consequence it was able to work to ensure consistency in its approach to the subject of the allocation of historic registrations.
      Secondly, a specific example came to the attention of DVLA which suggested that, in at least one case, a registration had been issued based upon information which was not totally correct. They examined their records and were of the view that there might possibly be a pattern concerning a single marque of vehicles. They were also of the view that the problem they thought they had identified was unlikely to be limited to a single marque. They thus involved the Federation through their usual channels. The
      Federation, at the direct request of DVLA, took two actions. Firstly it recommended an FIA qualified scrutineer who examined one vehicle
      in the presence of a representative of the club concerned with the marque. Secondly, we advised DVLA that, from a publicly available source, a number of examples appeared on the face of it to be worthy of examination. The outcome of the inspection does not concern us here, nor did the Federation get involved further in any detail of any of these examples.
      The Federation takes the view that both of these actions were required of us in pursuance of the position of a Ďguarantorí, on behalf of the historic vehicle movement, of the V765 and related schemes. We are aware that there are those who disagree but our conscience on the matter is clear.
      We were briefed by DVLA that they had taken account of the examples which we had noted, and found a significant number more on their own account, and would be contacting the keepers of these vehicles. We donít know who these individuals are.
      We are bound to note that, rather than work with us, the marque club has taken steps to limit FBHVC involvement in the general question. In view of the certainty that the DVLA investigation will expand to other marques this might be thought questionable from those who clearly have a sectional interest. DVLA has kept the Federation aware of the generality of its investigations and the course of action it was proposing to take, which, it will be recalled, was expected to affect owners of other marques and was therefore the proper business of the Federation. We have, perhaps unfortunately in the light of events, not kept our members as fully aware of our discussions with DVLA on this matter as we might have, in an attempt not to embarrass clubs which might be directly involved.
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        This sounds like a certain valuable French car and attempts to create "new" cars using a mix of old and new components, then register them as old cars....Then the components not used in that one were used to make another ad infinitum, so that every 5th car was a ringer.


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          DVLA latest news

          The DVLA have recently issued an updated (2nd September 2015) list of clubs authorised to undertake the V765 Recovery of Original rRegistration Numbers. The GRA are still listed. To download a copy go to
          As mentioned in a previous post the DVLA have tightened up on the re issue of numbers & now require evidence that the frame (VIN number) ties up with the registration number, old tax discs on their own are no longer acceptable.
          Looks like a lot of unscrupulous owners have been cloning younger vehicles to look older to obtain free Historic Tax.
          An article on the subject in Classic Car Buyer this week (23 September 2015) makes interesting reading. It appears that in doubtful cases the DVLA are having inspections conducted by a commercial company SGS UK

          Begs the question as to how much longer verification will be acceptable from clubs.