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Rob Slade's bikes in the Stondon Museum

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  • Rob Slade's bikes in the Stondon Museum
    The far one is Robs OBG Replica.
    And another pic taken in 2005
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    More on Rob Slades bikes

    I have recently had a bit more info on what happened to Rob Slade's bikes after the Stondon Museum closed in April 2015. They did not go into the Brightwells auction with the other vehicles.
    Apparently the two Greeves. FSV549 the special (frame No 60/1125) & a Sports twin XRD274 (frame No 61/2858) from a 20DC, it also has 325 badges on toolbox & fitted with a 3T engine. Licenced though as a 250. They were still owned by the Slade family & went back to them after the museum closed.
    Both still remain untaxed, FSV549 since 1/6/90, & XRD274 since 1/4/95 so it would appear that both are in storage. My informant thought the family previously from Leighton Buzzard, now live in Australia so bikes may have gone there, but DVLA still show both bikes with no Export Marker, but then of course being untaxed for a long time they may not have been declared. Rod apparently had a son Adam who was living at his fathers address at Kiteleys Green, Leighton Buzzard untill 1998.
    Will be interesting to see if & when they appear again, especially the special. (eBay maybe)

    An article on Robs special was posted on the forum by Brian Thompson in Dec 2013
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      Rod's family now wish to sell on his OBG special (and also his Sports Twin) see this link

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