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    My mate Ian B wants to use a Challenger swinging arm in his Silverstone as race bikes have to have a guard to stop toes, fingers etc being caught between the rear sprocket and chain- the Challenger arm has a suitable bracket, the S/stone does not and for obvious reasons he does not want to weld anything on if he can avoid it. The problem is things do not want to line up! If the chain line is right the wheel is not inline with the centre line of the frame and viccky verky, so are the two identical other than the extra lug, or do they differ? As I am in Yorkshire and he is in Sussex its a bit difficult to help. Mallory and Darley Moor at the beginning of next month are getting closer........Peter.

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    Would it not be simpler just to make a bracket that clamps around the silverstine swing arm and holds the finger/toe guard in place?



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      Did that one but not convinced about the security, be a real b****** if it came loose.


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        If a bracket is brazed, as it is on the Challenger swinging arm, not welded, onto the Silverstone swinging arm, it could be removed with heat if ever it was deemed necessary to reinstate it to original

        Ian C.


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          On race bikes, Kawasaki and Greeves, I have made a sharks fin plate with a hole that wheel spindle passes through with the plate twixt swing arm and spacer. This ties the fin in with any chain adjustments. The front end can be secured with a metal clip around the swing arm as stated above. I even used a thick cable tie for many years. The wheel spacer can be shortened or use another that is shorter to preserve the original. I made the sharks fin from thin aluminium but have also used plastic when in an emergency I cut up a first aid box.
          I quite understand the requirement to preserve originality but most race bikes were modified and repaired from the start and I often admire ingenious and effective mods. Those changes will be lost to future generations if every machine is zealously returned to factory spec. all identical, albeit I bet there will be a big range of Moorland blues however hard the restorers try. I have always thought Talbot Baltic blue a good match. (Thanks to late Dave Barratt)