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    Good morning forum,

    Can anyone please advise if we have any Greeves mechanical gurus in the West Country or within striking distance of Wiltshire.
    I started the recommissioning of my Silverstone in 2019 and I'm now struggling to complete the final touches due to lack of free time.
    Unfortunately or fortunately which everway you look at it, the last 12 months have been a little crazy with work keeping me away from home for extended periods. As a result I've lost my way a little with bringing the bike back to life and it's become quite obvious that I'll need some help if I want to finish the bike in time to Parade it this year.

    The engine & gearbox have been out, split and overalled by Simon @ Nametab and the gearbox was refurbished by Geoff Nunn....they've since been mated back together and reinstated in the bike. The bike is pretty much completely back together however, it has now been well over 6 months since I had chance to do anything with the bike and last time out I seemed to remember I couldn't get any clutch at the lever and the gear selection wouldn't return to a natural position after selection. Other than that it's complete and very close to the point of running.

    Im sure these are simple teething issues that can occur with any refurbishment or just quirks of an old Greeves motorcycle however, I just do not have the time to fettle the Greeves whilst trying to balance life around my current work commitments and trying to prep a race bike for CRMC.

    Fully appreciate that any help would be subject to covid restrictions etc and I'd obviously be more than happy to deliver the bike and compensate for time and effort.....

    Many thanks in anticipation.

    Best regards

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    Are you looking for someone to do the work, or just for advice? George Rigeon is out Gloucester way I think, and he did a lot of prep work on Silverstones. He might be able to give you some advice over the phone. My dad knew him quite well I think. George prepped bikes for the IOM as I recall.

    Also Gary Bamford isn't a million miles away from you, and he's a knowledgeable chap.


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      Not sure if Mervyn Stratford is still in business but I recall he did some work for a few Greeves in his time. Perhaps if you can do a bit more investigating yourself it would help whoever you find to guru for you. It sounds like the clutch is the place to start.