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GP carb problem

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  • GP carb problem

    I have the original GP2 carb fitted to my RDS and she runs just fine. However, I have noticed that when I do up the top cover i.e. screw down the ring that it can jump the threads and pop-up if I screw it in tightly. So I guess the threads are worn. This is worrying as if the top of the carb popped-up on the track, I imagine the slide will do likewise and give me a sudden and unexpected acceleration. In mid-corner that could be interesting!

    Can anything be done to recondition the threads please?

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    Put a jubilee clip around the top ring and wire it to the base of the carb, or do the same with cable ties. Have you tried a new top ring? I assume Burlen will have them. Peter.


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      Another fix is to wrap a couple of turns of ptfe tape (as used by plumbers) this will take up the wear in the treads.
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        Peter, John - thanks both are good tips and I'll also see if Burlen can supply a new ring. BHR are hoping to run a test day mid-March so the pressure is on! Rene


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          If its on come and say hello. I will be riding (hopefully!) no 92.


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            Yes let's hope it goes ahead. I should be p54 and will look out for you. Here I am trying to keep the front wheel down at Cadwell last year:
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