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325 Essex Tank in Tank and running !!

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  • 325 Essex Tank in Tank and running !!

    Finally sorted the ex Tony East 325 Essex bought at auction (always worrisome) last year.

    Checked all as I'm sure not started over 10 years & sorted some electrics issues, sticking clutch and few other things and had an alloy Tank in Tank made and now we are ON THE ROAD running 30:1 semi synthetic petroil. Goes OK, but might struggle to 75 at a guess ( need to give it more miles as not sure how old engine components are) this reasonable?.

    Feels nice on road, brakes fine. Happy days ...may try to go to AGM on it.
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    A good job, well done by the look of it! As for 75mph, that would be an absolute top whack, in real mph, which is not necessarily what the speedo is telling you! They tend to be, erm, approximate.....


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      You have chosen the best option with that tank Arthur, you wont be getting any problems now with ethanol, what is the capacity of the alloy tank?


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        Not sure of the capacity. Certainly more than 10 litres, but clearly a reduction on standard. Note I fitted twin taps in place of the original one. Used Italian OMG taps..a nice tap but the type where a nut does up against the tank and sealing was a bugger. Dowty and fibre washers no good....Used Rocol Fuelseal...very good product.