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A tale of two halves...

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  • A tale of two halves...

    For over 25 years I’ve had what I refer to as a Dummy Triumph engine. It appears in my icon picture. A set of empty cases, barrel and head. This weight reduced unit has formed the pattern for most, if not all Triumph Greeves I have built in that time. Manhandling a complete engine can be more than a handful.....
    So, the two crank case halves are a real time warp of a 1959 timing side/gearbox and a 1963 T90 primary side. Like all Triumph parts they fit together nicely. The acid test is whether a crank will align and turn when bolted up. In the coming days and weeks that will be the main task in the shed. Interchangeability is a key part of the Triumph parts range from 1957 through to 1974 so no pressure.

    To date I have given the cases a basic clean and checked the all important threads. The long term plan is to build a full motor to power the Anglian framed bike already underway. Hopefully, 2021 will allow the jumble scene to rise up and flourish.

    A few pictures to set the scene.
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    Very interesting Phil. I guess you have a blank canvass as to what spec you build the engine; 350, 500; or I believe the serious trials boys like an intermediate capacity, around 410 or 420cc. It depends on intended use, I imagine? I noticed a little crack in a threaded boss at 11 o'clock from the 63 stamp in the 5th photo. A bit of ali welding will soon fix that! Keep us posted.

    Ian C.


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      Not a good idea to use non paired cases, but worth a try to see how they line up- but as we are talking 500 Triumph, what was purpose of the two cast bosses between the alternator and the clutch? I have had about six 5TA & T100's and they all had them. The early ones had no provision for a chain tensioner so maybe one was intended at some point. You can squeeze in a BSA Starfire tensioner if you have to. I was going to build a Grumph at one time, using a frame that had been lengthened, wonder what happened to that! Peter.


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        Ian, Peter

        Nice to get some positive feedback here on the forum.

        Ian, yes there are a couple of the alternator stud holes that have burst as a result of over tightening of the studs. Not certain about capacity it will depend what turns up. I have a welder lined up. I just need to confirm the full extent.

        Peter, the odd case halves will be a challenge. All cases at the factory were individually machined and paired on assembly. On that front it remains to be seen. Throughout the life of the C range the castings were subtly modified as the range evolved. I already have the BSA chain tensioner ready to go.

        So, watch this space. I hope to update progress in the coming days and weeks.


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          Having built this motor up Phil, what will you use for your next projects?

          Ian C.


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            Phil I have a semi-huge pile of 500 bits, if it goes up, down or round its probably b******* or worn out but you can always ask if you need anything. Peter.


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              Ian, I will look out for more cases. I missed out on a set at a local auction.

              Peter, always interested. Whereabouts are you?


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                Not much left in my pile Phil however if any parts looks useful then let me know. I also have a skimmed full width rear BHC hub+ plate to sell if you need to build wheels.


                Click image for larger version

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                  Tony PM sent


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                    A brief update on the engine cases. As you might appreciate, the castings, at 61 and 57 years some damage was to be expected. A few helicoil thread insert repairs were required. Likewise, sorting out all the fasteners to allow a dry fit assembled of the cases with crank. All being well, that trial assembley should go ahead this week. Fingers crossed


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                      Hi I m in West Yorkshire, and have a set of cases which I could be persuaded to part with....... and some with b****** great holes where the primary chain broke- I think I would be happier to cut up a non matching half to repair the primary damage rather than have a non aligned crankshaft. Peter.


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                        Hi Peter,

                        Thanks for your kind offer and thoughts.

                        Today, I have grabbed some time in the workshop and assembled the cases and crankshaft, which spins freely by hand. So encouraging at this stage. Next stage will be to re-fit the flywheel onto the crank, fit the sludge trap and rods. Watch this space.....

                        update 17 Dec - camshafts dropped in along with retaining plates. All good
                        . Click image for larger version  Name:	23EE7D85-4344-46E7-BC53-6B0819FBA836.jpeg Views:	4 Size:	561.5 KB ID:	85435
                        update: 20 Dec - so much satisfaction in making a part , it took 3 hours, that I could have bought in for 10
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