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  • Winter Project

    So just bought (in bits) an alternative to the incessant decorating, early 60s Cotton trials, 32A with broken gearbox, frame and Armstrong forks weigh a ton, might build it as a green laner, some good lanes here in North Dorset.
    pic of bike taken by seller before he stripped it 10 years ago, and of when I got it home.

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    Fired the Cotton up today, but with no rear silencer as I cant find anything suitable at the moment. Turned out to be 1957/8 model, was very loud (expansion box hidden behind side panels), all the local chickens stopped laying, and the cows dried up, but all worked as it should, thankfully. Now to do battle with DVLA, as I want a V5c for it, perfect green lane bike for around here. next project in last picture, fancied something other than a Villiers engine for a change......


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      Looking Good Jeff, happy new Year to one and all


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        Cheers Dick, same to you and yours