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STOLEN: 360 MX4 Challenger, frame number 36MX4C114, Redditch UK

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  • STOLEN: 360 MX4 Challenger, frame number 36MX4C114, Redditch UK

    A real downer to this weekend's Stafford Show was the fact that a club member had his bike stolen - from his home near Redditch the night before he left for the event.

    The member in question is Ian Hodge. He does do fantastic restorations mainly of Challengers, and has won many awards. His latest project was a nut and bolt restoration of a 360 Challenger.

    The bike was stolen from outside his house by thieves who broke into his van by cutting a hole in the rear door to get at the inner door handle. Ian had loaded for an early start to Stafford.

    It is unlikely that this was a targeted theft - the van is sign-written for a garden equipment company, so more likely the motive was simply to pinch something easily floggable

    I've seen the photos of the finished bike, and it certainly was up to Ian's usual restoration standards - in other words utterly correct and absolutely mint.

    There s no way of knowing the bike's fate of course, so we need to spread the word far and wide in case it turns up. If the thieves try to ride it they probably won't have the sense to add oil to the fuel, and there was no oil in the gearbox or the chain-case, either, so they wouldn't get far; so it might turn up dumped. The police are on the case, particularly as they are apparently dealing with a bit of a spate of such incidents in that vicinity.

    We need to pass on the details to anyone who might be offered it or come across it at an autojumble or whatever. The thieves won't have a clue what it is.

    So: the motorcycle in question is a 360cc MX4 Challenger, frame number 36MX4C114.

    Ian actually immediately responded by taking his MX3 to the show so as not to let us down - and ended up receiving the award for "Best Competition Machine". No consolation for the loss of the 360, I know, but thanks and well done Ian.

    Please pass on this information to anyone you can think of who might be able to help find the bike. If anyone hears anything, contact Ian if you know him, or Warwickshire police, or contact me on or by PM.

    And remember at all times that the bastards are always out there...
    Last edited by Colin Sparrow; 29/04/2019, 04:29 PM. Reason: Corrected frame number - can't read my own writing. Cheers John.
    Colin Sparrow

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    Very bad news, Will keep a look out on eBay, should the number not have a C ie 36MX4C114 perhaps Brian Catt can flag it up on Facebook. As you say Colin thieving bastards


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      It;s already on the FB page and also my own page. Plse spread the word!


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        A pic of the bike
        Click image for larger version

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          I don't know for certain what the engine number is, but the original was GPB 117.
          Colin Sparrow


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            Please make sure the police have created a Police Record on the PNC (Police National Computer). The record should be in the 'vehicles' section and contain frame and engine numbers, colour etc etc. It is most frustrating for Police when they recover items but can find no record of the said items to enable them to contact the loser.


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              Absolutely disgusting state of affairs, Ian is a dedicated enthusiast who makes a fantastic job of every one of his restorations , and for these mindless cretins, we need to have stronger penalties and not the soft action that this country seems to dish out, hope it gets found soon .


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                Just bumping this thread (not heard that the Challenger has been recovered yet)
                Also to add the 20T frame number 6028T that was stolen from GRA member in Liverpool in July 2009.and then recently appeared on eBay with a seller in Heysham near Morcambe.
                As reported elsewhere the police failed to take action and the bike apparently remains with the eBay seller So keep an eye out for it either back on eBay or at an autojumble
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                  I did have a eather rude reply from the "gent" in Heysham suggesting that I should mind my own business. It is all our business when a member's bike is stolen and seen for sale!


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                    Well put Brian, we need to name and shame those involved in theft or sale of stolen bikes and parts. In the case of the man in Heysham I am sure he will be a bit more vigilant when buying stuff in future. In the meantime if he tries to sell 6028T it will get spotted, if he grinds off the number it will be make it unsalable.


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                      He actually denied "Handling Stolen Goods".......OK he might have bought in good faith, but very unwisely!


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                        Don't you think we're being ill served by the police in this.
                        They took rather more interest when I was doing 36 mph in a 30 zone a couple of years ago.
                        The Lad


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                          I Totally agree Tony, and you with your past experience of the Police Force must see the difference in work attitudes that are with us today, until there is a big shake up in today's society that is run by faceless , gutless MPs and the softly softly approach to the lawless state we have become things will not change . aghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa