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Albion 5 Speed Gearbox

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  • Albion 5 Speed Gearbox

    Can anyone suggest the modern alternative to R30 for the gearbox? I use Motul transmission oil in the Yamaha.
    I've flushed the gearbox out with MEK and it came out clean, seems nice and free, goes through the gears OK. I was going to rebuild it but it all seems OK.
    Back in the day I used ATF in the primary cases , what do other people recommend?
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    Silkolene 80-90w gear oil in mine. Wouldn’t use Castrol R in a gearbox nowadays, or anything else for that matter except an engine running on methanol. Chain case 10-30w Castrol Motorcycle oil, not car oil as friction modifiers cause clutch slip.


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      I use Motul 10W30 Transoil in the gearbox and ATF Type F (Ford) in the primary case. I do have the all-metal Griffon clutch in my Silverstone but do not remember any problem using this with the Albion clutch.